Thursday, June 30, 2011

Children's Roles and Responsibilities

This is such a beautiful quote, I have it framed on the wall of my dining room :)
Elder M. Russell Ballard:
" What can children, even young children do? Now, you children, please listen to me because there are some simple things you can do to help your mother.
You can pick up your toys when you are finished playing with them, and when you get a little older, you can make your bed, help with the dishes, and do other chores- without being asked.
You can say thank you more often when you finish a nice meal, when a story is read to you at bedtime, or when clean clothes are put in your drawers.
Most of all, you can put your arms around your mother often and tell her you love her. "

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

FHE packets

One of the things I will be offering on this blog is family home evening packets, all focusing on the things that the prophets and scriptures have taught us to teach our children. While studying what it was I was supposed to teach my children, I came across so many quotes and scriptures that gave specific topics of things that parents are responsible for teaching their children. I will include the list here, but I will be working on fhe packets that I will charge a small fee and will mail them to you ( you choose what you want etc) and it will include an entire family home evening on that topic. We can all work together to fulfill our duties as righteous parents in Zion. Here is the list of the specific topics I have found so far that the prophets and scriptures have mentioned. It's long so be prepared!!!
- The Plan of Salvation
- The Life and Teachings of Jesus
- Repentance
- Prayer
- Fasting
- The Word of Wisdom
- The Lord's standard of morality
- The Meaning of the Sacrament
- Tithing
- Gratitude
- Honesty
- Reverence for God and respect for His creations
- Preparing for baptism, priesthood ordination, or marriage
- Preparing to enter the Temple
- Reading the Scriptures
- Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy
- Forgiving Others
- Gaining and Sharing a testimony
- Sharing the Gospel with others
- Compiling Family Histories
- Understanding and Accepting death
- Solving Family problems
- Managing family finances
- Sharing family household work
- Appreciating and enjoying music
- Journaling
Along with these topics I will also be starting a FHE packet line that has to do with character traits and qualities at a later date. :)

Making your Home a Haven

Making my home a haven has always been one of my goals as a mother and wife. What better way to show your family that you adore them ? Create a place where they can be safe from the world. Now, I am not the world's best housekeeper, because of chronic pain issues etc. I have definitely had a messy house before ! But making your home a haven is so much more than just having a clean home. It is about keeping your home a haven through always having the Spirit there. Keeping it cozy and happy.

One of my absolute favorite books in the entire world is " 250 Ways to Connect with your Family " By Melodie Webb ~ It is on my sidebar of the blog and you can also purchase it HERE ( under 2 bucks woohoo ! )

This book is full of ways on how to make your home a haven and how to become a close family. There is an entire chapter dedicated to making your home a sacred place ! Let's think about that for a minute.

There are so many ways to word how I want my home to be, how I want it to feel. Home is a haven. Home can be a Heaven on earth. A Sacred place. When I think of home as a haven, I think comfort, safety, and peace. Personally, I see lots of books, blankets, candles etc. Soft church music or classical music playing. Strong walls to keep the world out. Pictures of the Savior.

Take a look around at how your home is decorated. Are there pictures of the Savior throughout the home ? What about temples ? Pictures of your family ? This is something I want to concentrate on this year... putting up more pictures of temples and the Savior. :)

What kind of music is played in your home ? Do you have fun happy clean music playing ? Do you have members of the family who are listening to music that they would not listen to around the Savior ? What kind of media is playing in your home ? What kinds of movies do you watch as a family ? All of these things can bring the Spirit down in your home if you are not viewing or listening to or reading media that is conducive to the Spirit. Your home is a temple.

How do you speak to your family ? Would you be comfortable if the Savior was in your home right now ? These are all questions you can ask yourself, or your family in a family council and see what the responses are. What can you do to make your home a haven, to have the Spirit in your home ?

What does it mean to you, to make your home a haven ? Please leave a comment below and share with us what it means to you. Happy Parenting ! Love, JL~

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