Wednesday, June 29, 2011

FHE packets

One of the things I will be offering on this blog is family home evening packets, all focusing on the things that the prophets and scriptures have taught us to teach our children. While studying what it was I was supposed to teach my children, I came across so many quotes and scriptures that gave specific topics of things that parents are responsible for teaching their children. I will include the list here, but I will be working on fhe packets that I will charge a small fee and will mail them to you ( you choose what you want etc) and it will include an entire family home evening on that topic. We can all work together to fulfill our duties as righteous parents in Zion. Here is the list of the specific topics I have found so far that the prophets and scriptures have mentioned. It's long so be prepared!!!
- The Plan of Salvation
- The Life and Teachings of Jesus
- Repentance
- Prayer
- Fasting
- The Word of Wisdom
- The Lord's standard of morality
- The Meaning of the Sacrament
- Tithing
- Gratitude
- Honesty
- Reverence for God and respect for His creations
- Preparing for baptism, priesthood ordination, or marriage
- Preparing to enter the Temple
- Reading the Scriptures
- Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy
- Forgiving Others
- Gaining and Sharing a testimony
- Sharing the Gospel with others
- Compiling Family Histories
- Understanding and Accepting death
- Solving Family problems
- Managing family finances
- Sharing family household work
- Appreciating and enjoying music
- Journaling
Along with these topics I will also be starting a FHE packet line that has to do with character traits and qualities at a later date. :)

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