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GIVEAWAY WINNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We have our winners for our Grand Opening Giveaway!!! Our blog has been open for one month now and we are just about 20 hits away from reaching 1000 hits in one month!

Pass it along people!!! We have one more summer post then the fall and school posts start!! Of course we will still be doing posts on parenting, crafts, etc….. all kinds of fun things! If you want to guest post on here, let me know, !

Without further ado….. chosen by are winners are:


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One Month Celebration!!!!


Today is our one month anniversary!! LDS Parenting has been officially open for one month and to celebrate….. we are doing our giveaway today… so get over here and comment on one of the posts! The drawing will be held this evening, so hurry!!!!!

Tell me what you think of the site so far… we are super close to 1,000 hits in just one month! I want to know what you like, what you don’t like, what you want to see more of!

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Nick Jr Fun Summer Recipes For Kids


diego's jungle fruit salsa

( Diego’s Jungle Fruit Salsa with Tortilla Crackers )


Ok, we like Nick Jr for lounging around in the mornings before its nice enough to go outside and play…. On the website they have the CUTEST ideas for fun recipes for kids and I had to share it because it is soooo cute!

They use a lot of seasonal fruits and veggies and the recipes are easy for kids to be able to help with, my kids love to cook! Have fun! Enjoy!

Ten Commandments Booklet Craft

ten commandments


Card stock, any color :)

crayons, markers, or colored pencils

stickers or scrapbook embellishments

Silver book rings ( or you can use a bunch of cute ribbons to tie it together)

Hole punch

White copy paper


Use cardstock to make little book…. Same size pages, etc

Print or write out each commandment on one page…. then on the other page have the child draw what the commandment means to them ( like honor thy father and mother, they can draw or use a picture of their parents)

Decorate it

Use hole punch and put all the pages together and make two holes to bind it together

Use silver book rings or ribbon etc to bind it together. The child can take it to church on sunday to stay reverent during Sacrament or just use it daily to memorize the ten commandments! It’s a fun project to do together!

Guided Journaling for Parents- Week Two

Describe your childhood home.... what did it look like, smell like, what are some of your favorite things you remember about it? If you have a pic of it, stick it in the journal for your kids. :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

FHE Monday: Teaching Children To Work

Opening Prayer

Opening Song:  When we’re helping  page 198 of Children’s songbook

Lesson:   LESSON

Other ideas:
*Make a list of household jobs ( both indoors and out) remind children that we each have a role and responsibility in our family and that they need to be proud of their jobs !
*Go to and print out a cute free chore chart ( this is such a neat site and resource, look around while you’re there)
*Go over the household jobs and add them to your chart. Remember to take into account your child’s age etc. Each family is different, on whether they offer allowances, incentives etc. for completing chores…. talk that over with your spouse before you do FHE.

Quote for the parents:

Bishop J. Richard Clarke said:

“To teach our children to work is a primary duty of parenthood. Our children have experienced unprecedented prosperity created by parents who have worked hard to provide what they themselves did not have as youngsters. If we are to save our children temporally and spiritually, we must train them to work.

They must learn by example that work is not drudgery, but a blessing……  As we  teach our children these values, let us emphasize the principle of a shared responsibility . Do not be confused by attempts to label some jobs as strictly male or strictly female. Generally speaking, each child should know how to do simple cooking, wash dishes, clean the house, mow the lawn, tend to the baby, and wash the car. These skills will do much to make their adult lives happier and more productive. “  ( Ensign may 1982, page 77)

Remind them that work can be fun, and that it is a great responsibility for them! They should be proud of their home and help to keep it nice! Make games up when cleaning, sing songs, turn the radio up loud…. and always work alongside your children.

Closing song: Love is Spoken Here  Childrens songbook page 190

Closing Prayer

Treat Smile

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Choosing Parenting Over Pregnancy

Part One in a series of articles on Adoption By Stephanie Buckner

When my husband and I were engaged we had discussed our future offspring with excitement and glee. We never, ever, would've guessed that infertility would haunt us. We were young, we were healthy and we were full of faith! When the first year went by with no baby...then the second....and the third, we realized that having children would be a lot harder for us than for our siblings and friends. "That's ok" we thought "it'll just take a little more effort for us, that's all." Yes, one would think that with modern advances in medicine that we would be able to "fix" any fertility problems with a little bit of help, but we were bitterly disappointed when multiple failed treatments failed to produce our hearts desire. The more we suffered, the harder we prayed, and the more we pleaded with Heavenly Father the more we learned about what truly makes a family.
In our 4th year of marriage we decided to pursue adoption. It is a heavy, complicated process that is full of invasive questions and frustrating roadblocks. It is also a process full of miraculous events and life-changing experiences. Before we could pursue adoption we had to take a cold, hard look at ourselves and ask ourselves the most important first question: Which is more important? Pregnancy or Parenting? For many couples this is a complicated question. As a woman who has never been pregnant, given birth or been blessed with the opportunity to nurse my children I will admit that sometimes I have felt a little robbed of the right of passage that comes with bearing a child. I have a child-yes. But I didn't bear my child. I was enamored with the idea of being pregnant - I was in love with the visions of rounded belly - a tiny creation that was half of me and half of my husband. From an infertily perspective pregnancy was the goal. After several years of fertility treatments...pregnancy was the ONLY goal. I had forgotten the big picture. Why were we doing this? Wait! The purpose of pregnancy is to become a parent! We realized that our hopes and dreams were not lost... We could still become parents through the miracle of pregnancy but we would need help.

Spencer W. Kimball said, "God does watch over us and does notice us, but it usually through someone else that he meets our needs." Miracles do happen. When we matched with our first birthmother, K, in July 2006 we felt the peace that comes from knowing that God was watching over us...and later that month he used K in a miraculous way when she chose to place her beautiful baby girl in our arms and entrusted us with her care. Do I still mourn for the pregnancy that never was? Sometimes. Parenting does not erase the pain of infertility. But it is hard to focus on the pain when my heart is filled with joy. I have never considered for a single moment that my daughter Kayley is not my child. She was born in my heart. She is my baby. And I am her Mom. And that is all that matters.

Friday, July 22, 2011

A Story of Thanksgiving


mother praying

It was nearing bedtime. The momma wearily walked down the hallway, ready for scripture study, prayers and bedtime for the kids. It had been a busy day, with
serving the family, trying to make the home a haven, doing fun activities with the kids and trying to keep them calm from gorging on to much halloween treats!

They had been fed a warm, healthy meal, they had cuddled and had storytime. They were ready to lay down in warm beds with fresh clean sheets. All was right. Until
the one they call Big D stated, " I want dessert." The momma couldnt believe her ears. "you just had a ton of candy, a special sucker you made, and a big dinner!
we dont have dessert after every meal, its not healthy!" Well that was not the answer Big D wanted to hear. Soon Little M and Little S also started in. "please
momma, if you give us our dessert of ice cream, we will be so nice and go to bed."

The momma was tired. The momma was upset that her children would even act
like this. Then came the words that broke her heart. " You are being a mean momma by not feeding your kids!!!!"

Well, the momma snapped. Not in the way
you would think. Some mommas would yell, some mommas would spank, some mommas would run away, but this tired, weary momma turned and walked into her
daughters beautiful room. She kneeled down beside her daughters beautiful my little pony bedspread that she had just received for her birthday. She looked
quietly at the picture of a momma and her daughter kneeling together with Christ looking on , the one that sits by her daughters bed. She thought carefully,
then ignoring her little ducklings ( for of course they followed her wherever she went) she began to pray. " Dear Father in Heaven, I want to take a minute
and tell you how thankful I am for everything I have. Im thankful for this home, my kids, my husband, Im thankful for the lovely dinner we had, Im thankful for
heat and clean air. "

As the momma went on and on, pretty soon her children started to kneel down beside her, one by one, and chime in with the things they
were thankful for. Big D was thankful for Clifford and all his transformers. Little M was thankful for her care bears. Little S was thankful for the family
dogs. Soon the room became filled with a sweet spirit. The spirit of thanksgiving.

You see, sometimes we dont always get what we want. It could be something
as small as dessert, or something as big as a loved ones life being spared, but we all have something to be thankful for. Even when you dont think you can
possibly go on anymore, you have at least something you can be thankful for. You are alive.

Nature Journals for Kids


nature journal

This year we are leaning more towards a Charlotte Mason Method, and we have decided to make nature journals for the spring and summer. :)
Here are some ideas to get your family started!!!
The National Wildlife Federation has the neatest things for families to do! Backyard Habitat Certification ( we are sooo going for that this year!!!), Nature watches that you can put online so everyone can see, activities to get outside and get green!
Plus it is a great resource for learning about all the things you will be seeing in nature!
This is the neatest website! This person has a very small backyard, but it is FULL of wildlife!! They also teach you how to make nature journals! The pictures are amazing!!!
This is a beautiful site dedicated to the Charlotte Mason Method, and it has so many neat ideas for making your own nature journals, etc!!! Beautiful!!
Really neat live streaming cameras and more!!!
Lots of ways to help your kids explore nature and really great deals on planting more trees in your area!!!!!
This site has a really neat toolkit for parents to use for helping their kids connect with nature!
Really neat website about nature journaling for kids :)
Defenders of Wildlife website.. i just thought this one looked neat :)

Would love to hear some of your ideas!!!! We put up fresh birdfeeders and suet this past week and we are ready to get everything else going and get our journals made!!!! Dont forget to buy crayons, watercolors, pencils and more!! :)

Character Trait : Responsibility


Responsibility: Being accountable in word and deed. Having a sense of duty to fulfill tasks with reliability, dependability, and commitment.

Responsibility is a very important thing that we need to teach our children. They need to be responsible for many things in their life. When they are baptized, they become responsible for their choices. As younger children they can be responsible for the things that their parents give them. It is a good thing to teach children that their toys and rooms and the home they live in are things that they are blessed with and that we all share in the responsibility of caring for these things. Over at they have some really cute chore charts etc. The most important thing about this though, is we must remember to teach our children that we ALL have responsibilities in our family. Each person has their own role and place. By being responsible for your things, you are helping to make your home a haven and also becoming the person that your Father in Heaven wants you to be.

Some cute stories on responsibility can be found at :

They have posters and cute stories etc, about all kinds of character traits. It’s a neat resource. 

Easy Lunch Ideas



Homemade Pizza with cheese, ground beef, and tomato sauce

Tortillas with refried beans, cheese, and grilled chicken

Swiss Steak Cubes

Fish Sticks

Pork Strips and Rice


Turkey Breast medallions

Tuna Casserole

Beans with Ham

Corn Dogs

Chicken and Rice

Chicken Patty Sandwich

Mini Meatloaves

Homemade Vegetable soup

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Baked Potatoes with cheese and broccoli

Sub Sandwiches



Macaroni and Cheese with hot dogs



Broccoli, cauliflower, carrots with ranch dipping sauce

Grilled Cheese

Sloppy Joes

Chef boyardee lol.

Don’t forget easy sides like fruits, veggies, cornbreads, etc

Easy Breakfast Ideas



Scrambled Eggs ( my kids like salsa mixed in!)

Sliced Bananas

Corn Flakes

Apricot Halves

Blueberry Muffins

Peanut Butter on English Muffins

Apple Slices

Cooked Rice with Raisins


Apple Cinnamon Muffins

Hash Browns



Raisin Bran




Graham Crackers

French Toast


Nonfat Granola




Cinnamon Toast

Hard Boiled Eggs

Cream of Wheat

Banana Bread

Sausage Muffins

Cinnamon Rolls





Banana Nut Muffins

French Toast Sticks

Cheesy Toast

Pineapple Rings

Jelly Toast




add some milk and/or juice and you have lots of breakfast ideas!

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Ham and Peaches Foil Packet


Here is an easy recipe to throw on the grill

Ham and Peaches Foil Packets

1/4 cup ketchup

1 tbsp brown sugar

3 tsp bbq sauce

1 tsp canola oil

1/4 tsp pepper

4 boneless fully cooked ham slices

1 can sliced peaches, drained

combine the ketchup, brown sugar, bbq sauce, oil and pepper in bowl. Brush each ham slice with the mixture. Put ham slice on greased 12 inch square of heavy duty foil. Top with peaches and drizzle remaining sauce mixture over them. Fold foil over the ham and seal tightly. Grill, covered, over medium heat 5-6 minutes on each side, until heated through. Finish it off with a yummy fruit salad and some corn on the cob and you have a quick and easy bbq meal!!!!!

Leave it to Beaver- Parenting like the Cleavers


by Shiloah Baker

In my line of work as an energy therapist (link:, I find that is very common for parents to fear what other people think of them in their roles as parents. When {not if} our children make mistakes we worry what others may think of us based on the mistake the child made and we rarely stop to think that it’s how we handle it that matters most.

Many times parents feel that they need to control everything in a child’s life so that the child will only make good choices. What we forget is that everyone is given their free agency from a loving Father in Heaven and that we have no right to take that away either. Lest there being any mistake, I’m not advocating the parents let the child run amok or do what he feels like doing.

Nephi was taught righteousness by his parents and led by example the way to go. He wrote, “I, Nephi, having been born of goodly parents, therefore I was taught somewhat in all the learning of my father; and having seen many afflictions in the course of my days, nevertheless, having been highly favored of the Lord in all my days; yea, having had a great knowledge of the goodness and the mysteries of God, therefore I make a record of my proceedings in my days.” (1 Ne. 1:1.) Lehi was a prophet of God. He spent many days and hours teaching his sons the Lord’s ways, but two of his sons still chose the wicked path. When we read these scripture passages what are you as a parent asking yourself? Is it, where did Lehi go wrong, or is it what can I do to teach my children righteousness like Lehi of old?

On the other hand, the scriptures condemn fathers and mothers when they fail to do their duty. “Now, I, the Lord, am not well pleased with the inhabitants of Zion, for there are idlers among them; and their children are also growing up in wickedness.” (D&C 68:31.)
One thing I like to teach is that we, as parents are given the charge to create a home environment that is conducive to the spirit of God and that is also safe for mistakes to be made. If it is expected that everyone will make mistakes, then we can prepare to teach the consequences of those mistakes in our safe and loving environment; an environment where the spirit is the teacher.

The Cleaver family on Leave it to Beaver, an old television show that aired in the late 1950s and early 1960s, showed an example to us as parents. On every episode, the children got into some trouble ranging from telling a lie to smoking a cigar. America was watching. What were they watching? They were watching to see how the parents taught their children the consequences of their mistakes and how to apply the lessons learned so they could avoid future mistakes. They were not sitting there judging the parents because the kids made mistakes.

Do yourself a favor, and free yourself from fear of judgment as a parent from those who do not matter. Ask our Heavenly Father for help. They are His children first and He has a vested interest in them. He will lead you to the help you need, whether it is a scripture, mentor, friend, professional, clergyman, or a book that can help you in teaching your child what he needs to know.

Don’t forget our charge to “… teach them to walk in the ways of truth and soberness; ye will teach them to love one another, and to serve one another.” (Mosiah 4:14–15.)
You are the best person for the job and Heavenly Father has entrusted His children to you with perfect confidence. You can “train up your child in the way he should go” in confidence and peace.


Shiloah Baker is a mom of eight, married to the man she’s madly in love with. Exercise is her vice. She runs the Homemaking Cottage & Co. and homeschools. Lover of religion classic books, children, and beautiful home decor. Writer of homemaking articles and Relief Society activities.

Roles of the Children


children gardening

Gospel Principles page 216

“ Children share with their parents the responsibilities of building a happy home. they should obey the commandments and cooperate with other family members. The Lord is not pleased when children quarrel ( see mosiah 4:14)

The Lord has commanded children to honor their parents. he said, “honour thy father and thy mother ; that thy days may be long upon the land” (Exodus 20:12). To honor parents means to love and respect them. It also means to obey them. The scriptures tell children to “obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right” ( Ephesians 6:1).

President Spencer W. Kimball said that children should learn to work and to share responsibilities in the home and yard. they should be given assignments to keep the house neat and clean. “

The Princess and her Hair


syd birthday guitar

Sydney and her hair, pre- princess style

My seven year old Sydney has a full mop of curls. They are tangly curls, and she is stubborn. So she decided not to even brush or fix her hair. Her mommy of course said you have to have your hair fixed! She refused. So everywhere throughout the land we heard things like “ what kind of mom are you?” , “don’t you even brush her hair??”

I smiled, and said, she likes her hair that way. Hmmph. So while cruising though MMB, I found a whole category on hair. Then I found it.    (cue the angels singing!!!!)


So, I called Sydney and said to her, look at how pretty this is! Sydney fell for it hook, line, and sinker. So now, every morning we visit the site, and Syd gets to choose what hairstyle she wants that day. Only small problem, I am awful at fixing hair so it never looks quite right. But, for any other momma’s who have little princesses, go check out this site, because the woman who runs it is amazingly talented!

criss cross cornrows    LOOK AT THIS!! SHE IS AMAZINGLY TALENTED!!!!! Go check her out!!

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The Protective Homeschool Mother




This was a post I wrote awhile back on

I thought it would go well with the whole LDS Parenting theme, and also, I really really wanted to tell you guys about because it’s not just for homeschool parents. The website is amazing for all parents. Oh, and the owner of the website. She’s my friend. But I’m not being biased. It really is an amazing site. So go check it out. Now, on to the regularly scheduled post………

My daughter Sydney has a love of puppies. She has a treehouse tent in her room and inside of that tent, she keeps her 19 stuffed puppies and 1 stuffed wolf. At night, she sleeps in her tent, right at the front of it, so no one can get in or out. I asked her why she does that when she has a perfectly fine bed. She looked at me like I was crazy! " I'm their mother, I have to protect them!"

She had recently read a book about how dogs in the wild sleep in caves and protect their young. So of course, since she is their mother, she feels the need to sleep in her "cave" and protect " her young". She's going to be a great momma one day.
In the homeschooling world, you will hear alot words like, socialization and overprotective and backwards.

People who do not homeschool, sometimes think that children who do homeschool are not socialized, are socially backwards, etc. They sometimes will assume that homeschool mothers are overprotective. There have been countless books written on these subjects. I am not going to get into the whole socialization thing here in this post, but I do want to talk about the job and responsibility of homeschool mothers to "protect their young."

In all honestly, it is not just homeschool mothers who have this responsibility. It is every LDS parent. We have been counseled over and over, to teach our children, to protect them. To nurture them and lead them and guide them. Do I feel like an overprotective mom because I homeschool my children? You bet I do. I would be that way even if I didn't homeschool my children. Do I let my kids play outside in the neighorhood with other kids, yup! Do I let my kids go to public school and learn about the "real world", nope. Why?? Because they are KIDS!!

My 6 year old neighbor recently came over to play at our house. She then proceeded to give me and my children a sex ed lesson. Along with lifting her shirt to show us. I asked her where she learned that. From her big sister and the kids at school. I had to have a talk with her mom. Am I overprotective? You bet. I take my job as a mother very seriously. Im sure that the other mother thought I was being overprotective. But I felt that my 8,7 and 5 year old didn't need to hear those words in that way. They needed to hear them from their loving mother and father, at the right time in their development.
This past general conference has amazed me. Never in all of my 29 years (ok, we will say 19 years, lets be honest here, I dont really remember the first 10 conferences I watched!!) have I heard such a beautiful, inspirational conference focusing on how important families are. It was obviously something that our Heavenly Father wanted us to hear. Quotes on how parents must resolve that teaching in the home is a most sacred and important responsibility. Quotes on mothers teaching their children values, standards, and doctrines. So much more, I can't even begin to quote them all. Are we being overprotective by teaching our children at home. I really don't think so, because we are doing what Heavenly Father has asked us to do. Are we being overprotective by not sending our children out into the harsh "real world" at age 3??? No. It is fine for some families, but not for mine.

You see, I am a fierce momma wolf, and I must protect my young. I must do everything I can for my children. I must sleep at the mouth of the cave and make sure they have a happy childhood full of good experiences, a home that is a haven, and the opportunity to learn everything they can in a loving atmosphere. Go and read through the General Conference... it is amazing. Pray hard, and when you feel that you are being overprotective or not giving your children "real world" experiences, pray hard about it. We must be in the world, that is true, don't become a recluse, but we must not be of the world.

Summer “I’m Bored” Jar



See this little jar?? Did you know it’s magic? Let me tell you why. Take a few minutes, print out this post, then cut up each activity individually, and stuff it in the jar. Maybe, you can decorate the jar or can or whatever, you find, and suddenly….. It’s the “I’m Bored” jar.

When your kids whine at you…. “MOMMY I’M BORED” tell them to go grab a paper from the jar. Magic. Your welcome .

Head over to

How amazing is this???!!!!! It is sooo perfect! This blog is darn adorable to begin with, but let me tell you what, this is exactly what I had in mind when I was thinking of making a cute jar… It’s perfect! Plus there is extra ideas! So now, you have all kinds of ideas to put in the jar!

im bored jar


Write a story book. Draw pics to illustrate. Don’t forget to staple it together.

Make a carpet drawing, use string or yarn to “draw” pictures on the carpet

Use a black crayon and scribble on a blank piece of paper, make lots of loops and scribbles, then color in the spaces with brightly colored markers or crayons, it looks like stained glass.

Discovery a new country. Select a spot on the globe or map where there is no land, draw a small “country” on a piece of paper, cut it out and tape it to the map. Now name the country, describe the weather, the people, the customs, plan a pretend vacation to it!

Draw a picture with your toes

Play simon says

Finger paint with shaving cream in the bathtub

Go bird watching. count how many birds you see and what kinds and what colors

Color a picture

Do a puzzle

Play a board game

Learn the alphabet in sign language

Play balloon volleyball

Trace your body in sidewalk chalk…. just go play with sidewalk chalk!

Make a lemonade stand

Play with bubbles

Make up a secret code

Go cloud watching and find shapes in the clouds

Start a coin collection

Make cards and scrapbook etc with paper and stickers

Bake cookies

Write a story on a day in the life of…. an elephant, or a doctor, or anything you want

Go hunt for dinosaur bones

Make a bird feeder

Start a newspaper of the neighborhood

Make a family coat of arms or family flag

Do Hand shadows on the wall with a flashlight

Pretend to go camping

Learn some new magic tricks

Learn to say ‘hello’ in as many languages as you can

Build a house of cards

Make homemade popsicles out of juice

Put a blanket over the table and make a fort

Write a letter to a friend or relative who lives far away

Learn morse code

Go on a scavenger hunt

Play hopscotch

Make a paper chain

Take the camera and go take pictures of fun summer things or friends

Make a mobile

Make homemade play-doh

Make up a secret handshake

Draw a self-portrait

Play the silent game

Make sock puppets and put on a play


note to the momma’s – I think it’s also perfectly acceptable to slip in some papers like “ clean your room” or “ match all the socks” hehehehe !!!!!!!!!

With this list and the list from skip to my lou, and also good ole google… you are on your way!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Family Reading Time



I like to think of the times when families would gather round the fireplace in the evening and have family reading time. Maybe they would pop some popcorn or play a game. The momma would be knitting, the daddy would read, the kids would be laying on the rug with the family dog imagining the stories as they listened to their father's soothing voice.

We do family reading time some evenings in our home. I wish it was every evening, but we all have things to work on. It started out that I was going to read from this list of children's classics. we read quite a few books that way! Now that they are older I'm using this amazing list from one of my all time favorite websites we actually use the site for alot of our homeschool stuff too. It is an inspired site with everything on it you can think of.

They have an entire page just for family reading time.

school of abraham

Seriously, the best website. Go check it out.


Another neat website that we have used is :

books on shelf

There you can find thousands of free books that are neatly categorized into things like classics, helps for moms and dads, american history, etc. It is well worth the time to go look!

“The reading habit is most valuable in life. I mean by that the practice of using a little time, say half an hour a day, in the systematic reading of worthwhile literature. The mind is opened to precious fields of thought; the achievements of the ages become ours; even the future takes form. As the mind and spirit are fed by well chosen reading, comfort, peace and understanding come to the soul. Those who have not tried it, have missed a keen and easily accessible joy.

“Moreover a person who engages in such a regular daily reading, if only a few minutes a day, in the course of a few years becomes a learned man. But it must be a regular daily habit. … Some of the best educated men that I have ever met have never been to college but have acquired the habit of daily reading of good books for a few minutes a day.”5

( Seek ye out of the best books by Dean Jarman , Ensign august 1974)

Monday, July 18, 2011

It’s Monday…. FHE Night!


A friend of mine suggested the most amazing website.

Check it out, I have the button on the right sidebar. I am in love. This woman is seriously talented and you know that Heavenly Father is inspiring her as she writes. I am so impressed and excited to start!! There are so many resources out there, the Friend magazine, the scriptures, there is really no excuse as to why we shouldn’t do FHE.

President Spencer W. Kimball :   spencer w kimball

“ I wonder what this world would be like if every father and mother gathered their children around them at least every Monday night explaining the gospel, and bearing fervent testimonies to them. Have the parents of the world from Adam down carried on their home teaching, their home evenings, their home togetherness, and sweet family life as ordained by the Lord? Would there have been a world deluge? A tower of Babel? Would there be oriental and occidental enemies today establishing military bases, accumulating ammunition and inventing missiles, preparing nuclear weapons? In our own dispensation the Lord reiterated his basic command to those who brought children in the world when he said, “Again, inasmuch as parents have children in Zion …. that teach them not… the sin be upon the heads of the parents.” That is terrifying. “For this shall be a lawy unto the inhabitants of Zion…they shall also teach their children to pray, and to walk uprightly before the Lord. “ (D&C 68:25-28) God is our Father and we are his children. He has given us instructions. We must follow the path. Home life, home teaching, parental guidance, father in leadership, that’s the panacea for all ailments, a cure for all diseases, a remedy for all of the problems. “  ( “the family and the home” filmstrip and tape BYU 1975)

Easy Summer Chicken Taco Recipe


chicken tacos

It is 100 degrees here in Hannibal today!!! Here is a quick a recipe for chicken tacos, nice and simple!

Easy Summer Chicken Taco Recipe

1 premade rotisserie chicken ( grab it at walmart, we are cheating here!!!)

1 envelope taco seasoning

Taco shells and tortillas, your preference or both if you’d like

Refried Beans ( we love to add them to everything :)

shredded lettuce and shredded cheese and tomatoes and sour cream, whatever you like

Shred up that cheap rotisserie chicken!! Add it to the skillet, dump in your taco seasoning, following directions, stir , heat, etc.

Once that’s ready, warm up your shells, tortillas, refried beans, then dump it all together

Easy peasy lemon squeezy, you can make chicken tacos, burritos, bean burritos, you could even add tortilla chips for taco salad. We love to add corn to ours too. Super simple and delicious.

Don’t forget ice cream for dessert…… it is hot out ya know!    ENJOY!!

Are you a natural parent? Am I a WHAT?!



cloth diaper

Are you a natural parent? Am I a WHAT?!
I am a mother of 3 children and each child I have, I alter what I do by just a bit. As I learn more from the internet with researching and what not, I realize more and more what has been shoved down my throat and what really has medical backing. When I was talking about changes I was planning on making with my next child (I was pregnant then and decided not to find out gender), I was told "oh, you are one of those natural parents ... good luck." What in the world?! Isn't EVERY mom a natural mom? I couldn't figure out what they were talking about at all. So I googled natural parenting and found out they are parents who do the following:
~ baby wear
~ cloth diaper
~ delay vaccinations or don't vaccinate at all
~ either exclusively breast feed or feed only breast milk
~ don't circumcise
~ home school
~ co-sleep
~ have the car seat face backwards until age 2
~ make their own baby food
Wow, well I guess I am a natural parent. I don't want to overwhelm in one post so I plan on breaking each of these topics down. I will talk about the pros and cons. I am a firm believer, however, that no matter WHAT you do with your child, as long as you do what works best for you is best for your child. :) I am no where near perfect and struggle in many areas. I will talk about those struggles and hopefully with more information, you can make a more informed decision with your child. My 8 yr old daughter wore disposable diapers, was formula fed, was vaccinated, went to public school (until now), slept in her own crib, had the car seat turn around at a year, and ate baby food. My 6 yr old son wore disposables, was breastfed until 5months and then formula fed, was vaccinated, went to public school (until now), slept in his own crib after 4 months, had the car seat turned around at a year and ate food I made. My 3 month old daughter, however ... she is in cloth diapers, is breast fed, is vaccinated, will be home schooled, co-sleeps AND sleeps in a crib, will not have the car seat turned around until 2 years, and will be eating food I make for her. Every one of my children are precious to me and I don't regret ANYTHING at all. I do love the fact that I am more informed now and decisions down the road will be done with much thought and prayer behind them.

~ My name is Heather and I am a mom of 3 children. I am a full time stay at home mom, but I like to call myself a chef, an accountant, a secretary, a maid, a chauffer, and a teacher. I am the world to my children and they are the world to me. I am far from perfect but striving to be what the Lord wants from me.

Guided Journaling For Parents Intro Post

I have been seeing some really neat journals out there , things like write your story for your kids. They are so neat. I am going to add as many as I can to the amazon store down at the bottom of the page… but I also wanted to open a category that I could add some themes and questions etc that I find so that you could just purchase a journal or decorate a notebook etc, and make your own. What a neat legacy for your children! Your story, where you grew up, what your favorite things to do as a child were, how you met that special someone, how you felt when you found out you were going to welcome a miracle into your family, favorite foods, things like that!

So, this is the intro post to this category, check back often and I will be adding to it, so that we can work on this together. Or if you’d like, I will be trying to add some of the actual book/journals you can purchase onto the amazon store.


Guided Journaling For Parents Week One


1970 bike

Here is a topic you can use for your guided journaling for parents. It is just a fun little topic. Tell your kids about what summers were like when you were a kid. Remember to use the senses, how did it feel, smell, taste, etc.. What did you and your friends do? Have fun with it! This is something that your children will treasure forever. Please refer back to the intro post of Guided Journaling, so you know what I’m talking about when I say this !

Not One Child in a Hundred Would go Astray…..


joseph f. smith

Joseph F. Smith “ Not one child in a hundred would go astray, if the home environment, example and training, were in harmony with the truth in the gospel of Christ, as revealed and taught to the Latter-Day Saints. “    (gospel doctrine, p 302)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Teaching Children about Housework- with humor!

 GUEST POST From Miranda Smith !

One of my favorite quotes regarding housework and raising children is one by the legendary comedian, Phyllis Diller. She said, “Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the sidewalk before it stops snowing.” Yes! She gets it! I think most mothers have this same feeling at some time or another, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t teach our children how to do chores. Having said that, I think having a good sense of humor is essential when it comes to teaching children to work, especially young children.
We recently had a family home evening discussing family responsibilities. We talked about the role of the father and mother first. When I came to the role of children in the home, I tried to play it up as very important (which it is, of course) in hopes that I would get their attention. I told them that even our prophets say that children should do chores. I told them that President Spencer W. Kimball said, “Children should learn to work and to share responsibilities in the home and yard. They should be given assignments to keep the house neat and clean.” (Teachings of the Presidents of the Church: Spencer W. Kimball [2006], 120) I then told my kids, “See? President Kimball says you’re supposed to help out around the house. Mom and dad aren’t trying to be mean and hateful.” To which my quick-witted 8 year-old replied, “Oh, so it’s the prophet AND mom and dad being mean and hateful!” (Why yes, son, that’s exactly the point I was trying to make.)
Now, I’m not here to try and tell you how to set up routines or clean your house. Only you know what works best for your family, and truth be told, I’m still working on that one myself. But I can tell you it helps to have a sense of humor.
A few weeks ago, my 8 year-old son had the fun assignment of cleaning what we call ‘the boys bathroom’. I sent him in equipped with the usual cleaning tools; window cleaner, multi-purpose cleaner, paper towels, and a wash cloth for wiping down the sink and counter. I have a toilet brush that stays in the bathroom, and I *assumed* he knew to use that to clean the toilet. After 10 minutes or so he emerged and declared he was finished. He brought out the cleaners and paper towels and started washing his hands.
Sounds good, right?
I started asking him questions about the jobs he did in the bathroom to make sure he did everything I asked him to. It went something like this.
Me: “Honey, did you clean the mirror?”
Son: “Yes, mom.”
Me: “Did you spray the counter and sink and wipe them down good?”
Son: “Yes.”
Me: “Did you use the toilet brush and scrub under the toilet seat and rim?”
Son: “No. I used the washcloth.”
Me: “Ewwww . . . well, I hope you wiped down the counter and sink first. Ok, did you bring the washcloth out and throw it in the laundry?
Son: “No, I forgot. I guess that means I’ll have to wash my hands again.”
Me: “Yep, I guess so.”
A few minutes later he came back through on his way to the laundry room . . . . . with the offending washcloth . . . . . held by a clothespin.
Well, that’s one way to take care of the job and not have to rewash your hands.
Once upon a time I probably would have become upset or frustrated because he didn’t clean the toilet the way I thought it should be cleaned. I’ve found that I’m less of a perfectionist the older I get. And it was really my fault anyway because I didn’t remind him that he could use the toilet brush. But you know what? He cleaned the bathroom, and he did a great job for his age.
And he figured out a way to remove a stinky washcloth without getting his hands dirty.
Miranda is the mom of four rambunctious boys and one sassy little girl. She loves to read, sing(although not very well), and laugh with her family. You can read more about her adventures over at

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sunday Morning with Little Ones

kids being reverent

Sunday morning with little ones
This is a very old post I wrote on an old blog of mine, but being that it is saturday night, I thought it would be a fun post for those of you who are in this situation now. My kiddos are 7,8, and 9 now!!!! Church is a totally different experience, but at this time in my life, this is what I was dealing with! :)   Love, JL
It’s saturday night and already I am thinking ahead to tommorrow morning. The chaos of getting three kids under the age of 5 ready for church, a bag packed, and praying with all my heart that I will hear at least some part of the talks in between potty breaks, and picking up cheerios off the floor! I used to absolutely dread sundays. I will be honest. It is hard for a parent to take young kids into church and sit for an hour and 15 minutes in sacrament. It is just a challenge for some of us. But I have learned a few things along the way that I would like to share. First of all, we always pray before we leave for church. When everyone is in the van, ready to pull out of the driveway, we pray. Last week, my 4 year old autistic daughter prayed, it was her turn and she prayed that we would be reverent and that curious george would help Sydney stay in nursery. hmm…….. We will have to keep working on the prayer thing. LOL. Some things that I have tried to do personally on sunday mornings to make them go a bit smoother is to lay out clothes the night before, pack a small bag of things to do, no snacks anymore, my kids were at the point where we were having to come to church on monday morning just to vaccuum our pew LOL, and amazingly, they dont even miss the snacks. Also, I have packed simple quiet things like stencils and colored pencils and coloring books. Now that Dylan is 5, I am packing the friend magazine and trying to encourage him to be thinking about Jesus as the sacrament is passed, and also to think about the time that he will be a priesthood holder and pass the sacrament. He is finally sitting very very quietly during the time the sacrament is passed. I think it is because I have tried really hard to get him excited about it. That is another thing I have tried to do, we practice church at home. I know it sounds funny, but I got the idea from the Duggar family, I don’t know if you guys have heard of them, they have 16 kids( insert note here, haha, now you can really tell its an old post, only 16 kids ?? LOL!)   and they have had a couple of shows on discovery health channel. Anyway, they have their kids practice ” quiet time” each day. They sit quietly for 2 minutes, then they can play, etc, then they go up in time each day. My kids loooved this. I totally didnt think they would even go for it, but I told them we were practicing being reverent , etc and so we had church music playing in the house, then they had to sit with their arms folded in a row on the couch for 2 minutes. We are going to keep trying with this. Hopefully it can make a difference. Another thing that I have learned personally is to get the kids excited about church. Every sunday my son wakes up and says ” its the sabbath” they know the rules, no video games, church movies only, etc and they know that is just the way it is, we have had quite a few fhe’s on the sabbath, what we should do, why it is done that way, etc. My kids are really excited about going to church, and I just love that. Last sunday, Marlee ( my four year old) opened up the door to the chapel and announced quite loudly ” We’re here Jesus!” She is autistic and she has a very special relationship with the Savior. She knows even at a young age, that we go to church for a reason. Anyone else have some good tips on church with little ones???? Please share!!!! I would love to hear them!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Grand Opening Giveaway!!!!


alexanders amazing adventures

2 Prizes available!! One of my favorite websites is and one of my absolute number one favorite books of all times is “ A Mother’s Book of Secrets” By Linda Eyre and Shawni Eyre Pothier. Richard and Linda Eyre are the amazing owners and creators of and Linda and her daughter Shawni wrote my favorite ever book for moms. So….. with my grand opening on my new lds parenting site…. I choose to give away two copies of the Alexander’s Amazing Adventures cds, and they were given to me by the Eyre’s themselves!! ( well mailed to me, I emailed them and kind of stalked and gushed and embarrassed myself by telling them how much they’ve helped me in parenting my children so far) and they sent me two copies of this neat cd to give away!!!!! When you go to they have so many different things you can do. One of the series of things they have is the Alexanders Amazing Adventures cds. It has 12 cd’s each telling a fun story about a core value. The first in the series.. the one I’m offering is Honesty. My kids adore their copy of it! So…… go check out the website. Go buy my favorite book ( im gonna try and get it on the amazon store at the bottom of our ldsparenting site. ) But, in order to win one of these cd’s….. you must leave a comment on one of the posts here. I want to know what you guys think of the site so far. It is coming along slower then I wanted, but I’m working hard and have so many ideas! I have high hopes for this site! So, in order to possibly win a prize…. you need to leave a comment on one of the posts. I’m hoping that means you will actually read some of the posts hehehe!  Leave me a way to get ahold of you… email etc, and I will be choosing two winners, from my fave fair way to choose a winner, on friday, July 22nd. That gives you a whole week to leave a comment and pass this site around to your friends!!!! We need to get lots of people on here and I will keep working hard and I’ve got some great guest writers coming on board. Let’s have some fun together parents in Zion!!!

Love, JL owner/creator of you can also find out about my family and our life at

Modern Proverbs 31 Woman

modern proverbs woman


So I was reading in the Bible about the Proverbs 31 woman. I had found some neat things that kind of took the verses and broke them up and made them more “modern”. I thought I would share a little of what I had found. Now, of course us women are never going to be this perfect woman. But you have to admit, some of the ideas are so neat, and we should all strive to be the best momma and wife and woman of zion we can be. Now remember, I’m paraphrasing, etc. and you NEED to go to the KJV of the Bible and read this. This is just a little fun activity, a “modern” type thing. I hope you don’t find me irreverent, but I like to look for the joy in things. Sometimes I feel guilty that I will never be the REAL Proverbs 31 woman. But I can do some of this stuff!!  So it’s written with humor, but also holds true. Im not saying we have to do all of this, it’s just a fun little activity, to make us all feel good about ourselves! One more time everyone- go read the KJV of this and pray about it to see how YOU can be your very own modern Proverbs 31 woman!!

Proverbs 31 verse 10:

An excellent wife is hard to find! You can’t buy her fancy sports cars or bling. Her inner beauty is worth so much more than money can buy.

Proverbs 31 verse 11:

Her husband completely trusts her with all of his things. Even his favorite ratty BYU sweatshirt. He knows she won’t drain the bank account. He knows she won’t spend the entire amount on the Old Navy credit card ( umm… no comment). She scrimps and pinches and is an extreme couponer!

Proverbs 31 verse 12:

She is devoted to her man. She responds to his love. She lives for his happiness.

Proverbs 31 verse 13:

She decorates the house and makes their home a haven. She keeps the house tidy and cozy. When she mops the floor, her heart has a song in it and her lips have a prayer! ( I totally need to try this, although I think a bit of cinderella singing while she scrubs the floor. I need a bandanna for my hair.)

Proverbs 31 verse 14:

She shops wisely. She loves the farmers market. She gets the best deals in the land and provides well-balanced meals for her family and serves them attractively.

Proverbs 31 verse 15:

She rises early in the morning ( another thing I need to work on!) She serves a good breakfast for her family and then starts her morning carpool to school and such.

Proverbs 31 verse 16:

She holds Tupperware home parties, sells AVON or possibly Pampered Chef, in other words, she’s a real go-getter and with her earnings she helps pay for her children’s tuition to the best schools. ( she’s obviously SUPER good at what she does with the home jobs!)

Proverbs 31 verse 17:

She goes to ZUMBA! She exercises her body and stays physically fit and strong!!

Proverbs 31 verse 18:

She can tell when her muscles are well-toned and she’s looking hot, because she can actually keep up with all her kids!!!

Proverbs 31 verse 19:

She picks up her needlepoint when she sits down and keeps her hands busy. I really need to learn how to do needlepoint. Or darn socks. Or something like that.

Proverbs 31 verse 20:

She makes time to volunteer. She helps the needy. She makes the worlds best casseroles and funeral potatoes. She cares for sick neighbors and members of the church. She does her visiting teaching!

Proverbs 31 verse 21:

She is always a season ahead. She can hit up the walmart end of season clearance sales and have her entire family fitted for warm winter clothes before the first snowflakes begin to fall.

Proverbs 31 verse 22:

She selects her clothing carefully, she is the true modest woman. she is not seen outside her home with curlers in her hair etc, and she doesn’t dress to gain attention either.

Proverbs 31 verse 23:

Her husband is a very respected businessman.

Proverbs 31 verse 24:

She operates a ladies boutique ( otherwise known as a yard sale) from her home and sells some of her lovely things she has created.

Proverbs 31 verse 25:

She is very confident and full of charm and grace. She always faces her future with hope and joy.

Proverbs 31 verse 26:

She studies the word of God, she speaks with wisdom and knowledge. She uses Christ’s life as an example of kindness to others. ( I really like this one :)

Proverbs 31 verse 27:

She manages her home and doesn’t sit around all day and watch soap operas. (or dr phil. ) She doesn’t sit around idly and chat on the phone or play games. ( I should def work on this one. )

Proverbs 31 verse 28:

Her children love and respect her. Her husband sings her praises!!!!

See, she is an awesome woman! But then again, we all are awesome women! But I still have a lot to learn . Do you see yourself in this at all? I hope you do! If not, let’s all try to work harder to be the Proverbs 31 woman. We are soooo worth it!


JL Kaylor is owner of she stays at home with her 3 beautiful babies, homeschools them, loves to write and read and blogs about her everyday life at

She’s Adopted! Guest Post

It is funny. I remember going out with Kayley...I think I was at Joann's or Hobby Lobby or one of those craft stores...and a really sweet lady approached me, looked in the stroller and said. "Oh! What a beautiful baby! "
And what did I do?
I immediately blurted out, "Oh! She's adopted!"
Seriously? Why did I do that? LOL!
I think, at the time, I felt like I HAD to tell people the truth. Like I owed it to them or something. Hmmm... In fact, it seems like I felt that maybe, if I had given birth...that MY biological baby would not be nearly as cute...and that I felt like I had to confess that I was not the reason she was cute. I don't know... It was almost as though I wanted to say, "She's a really pretty baby...probably because she looks absolutely nothing like me!"
Looking back I remember, as soon as I blurted out that response my cheeks burned. What a dumb thing to say! Why couldn't I just say thank you and move on? That lady didn't really want know anything about me or Kayley...nor did I owe her an explanation of WHY my baby was so cute. I am a strong advocate of adoption, and I love to tell my stories, but sometimes, it is ok to just bask in the glory of the moment and say,
"Yeah, she is really cute...I love her a lot....thanks for staring and sharing!"
Oh, well... Live and learn.
So, I was at the store the other day...and a lady said "What a beautiful baby!"
And my response was, "Thank you! We think so too!"
That was a lot easier.
Stephanie can be found over at she is amazing and is passionate about adoption! Go check her out!!! Oh, and her daughters are beaaaaauuuutiful!!!  

All the children’s artwork


kids art folder

I love when my babies bring me pictures or art they have made for me. But, in all honesty, I have A LOT of it. If I throw one little thing away, I have hurt their feelings for life, and suddenly, mommy doesn’t love them! So, I have a few little tips. First of all I keep a folder, with the most recent pictures. ( the above pictured  folder) and I keep it on my desk so I can look thru it and they can see it’s there. My next tip….. is I get out my handy dandy digital camera, and we spend some time taking pics of every little thing, the model wax sculptures, the flowers they bring me, the millions of art and coloring pages. Then we upload them all onto the computer in a folder entitled “ my babies the artists “

This is just a couple of ideas. I know some momma’s who keep neat plastic tubs with their kids artwork ( this works good for schoolwork too) etc. There are really cute file folder holder things. I’m sure one of my favorite stores “the container store” has something lol. What do you guys do with all the papers, schoolwork, artwork, etc ?

Gather Around the Table

dinner table


I am in love with sitting around the family dinner table with my family having a “feast”. That’s what my kids call it when we cook dinner and all of us sit to eat. I admit, I am really bad about this, especially lately. It is a big dream of mine though, to sit down to the family dinner table each evening with a “feast”  ( even if its pb&j sandwiches) and have a wonderful family dinner. It just makes me happy. It provides bonding time, teaching moments, smiles, laughter, love. I was talking with one of my friends, and they are a new step-family. They decided one of the ways to combine and bond was to have a family dinner together each night. They also decided to go around the table each night with one question , and each family member answer it. For awhile it was simple things, what was the best part of your day. What was the worst part of your day. Then things got more interesting. One day, the question was, what is your favorite part about us all being a family now? One of the younger kids said “ family dinner question!!”

So I’ve done some research, and I have found the neatest website. It’s all about the family dinner table. Apparently Im not the only one who wants to make this a permanent thing. Whatever happened to the Leave it to Beaver families who sat around the dinner table every night and the mom and her heels and pearls served roast and rolls and everyone had a good chat about their day? Why can’t I do that??? So, here is the site… go check it out, its pretty amazing. Then let me know what you guys think. Do you sit every night around the dinner table and how has it blessed your family? Inspire me!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Service Project For Families


serve one another


Another awesome intro post for a category/label that will deal with different service opportunities for families to do together.

While looking at the church’s website, I like to check out the humanitarian section. Today I came across some specific things that the church is looking for! Here is the list:

Current Needs at the LDS Humanitarian Center

As the Church responds to humanitarian needs worldwide, the need for specific types of donations varies. Currently, the items listed below would be most beneficial:

Updated: June 2011

  • Girls’ dresses, sizes 6-16
  • File folder games
  • Quiet books
  • Hand puppets
  • Burrito babies
  • Wood blocks
  • Baby bibs
  • Drawstring bags (12”x12”)


I was thinking that we could all focus on just one item….. and use a FHE night or just a fun evening or weekend activity and work on stuff as a family, then get the spiritual high and blessings of donating it! I am thinking the file folder games and quiet books for my family. The internet is FULL of ideas!! I will post some here, but seriously, google it people!

When you have stuff ready, the address you can mail it to is:

Latter-day Saint Humanitarian Center
1665 South Bennett Road
Salt Lake City, UT 84104
Telephone (801) 240-5954
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday

It looks like you can also take them to the nearest Deseret Industries or if you’re like me and live in the middle of nowhere, the nearest bishops storehouse. Ok, so I’m going to post a some links to some cute file folder games and quiet books?? Have fun!!!! This category will be full soon, as I adore service projects!

Link for File Folder Games:

Can I just jump in here real quick and tell you how very much in love I am with the website ??????? LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!


Link for Quiet Books:

How cool is this??? The woman who wrote the book is actually letting people use the patterns for free!!!! Amazing service, and oh yeah, I love how cool are they?

Happy Service Project Everyone!!!!

The Roles of a Father


This is an introductory post to the category/label “The Roles of a Father”.

I wanted to share some neat quotes from one of my favorite lds parenting books, it is called “ You Can Have Happy, Obedient Children” and it is by Don and Arda Christensen.

I will defintely be adding it to the amazon store soon, because every family needs a copy of this book. Everything you need to know about LDS Parenting is in this book. So I was re-reading it, and I was reading in the roles of the father chapter. I love how each part of the family has a role. A responsibility. Because I’m the momma of the family, I have never really concentrated or read much about the father’s roles. But, with certain things that have personally happened in my family these past two weeks, my sweet husband has had to take on a lot of my roles. So I decided while I was on bedrest to read up a bit on what the father’s roles are. I wanted to share some of the quotes here, they are inspiring and I have to admit, I was a little shocked, because when I think of parenting, I was selfishly thinking that the momma’s do so much of the work. You dads, you have a lot you are responsible for!!! Thank you to the father’s out there who take their roles seriously!

All quotes from above mentioned book:

“ Elder Robert L. Backman beautifully set forth the meaning of “father”, when he said, “Father is the noblest title a man can be given. It is more than a biological role. It signifies a patriarch, a leader, an exemplar, a confidant, a teacher, a hero, a friend, and, ultimately, a perfect being.”  ( What the Lord requires of Fathers, Ensign Sept 1981) 

“Much is expected of fathers. As patriarch, he presides in the home. He takes responsibility for bringing the children back to their heavenly home. He will stand and report this stewardship to God. It is his duty as well as his privilege to guide his famiy in righteous paths and make sure that the children are growing up in the gospel.”

taken from page 354 of above mentioned book.   Yeah dads. You have some BIG ROLES in the family.  Im proud of you guys!! Im thankful for you guys! 

Parenting is actual WORK !

caution sign

When I first got pregnant with my first child, I became a parenting book freak. I read every book I could get my hand on. I still am a bit obsessed with parenting, I admit it.

I was prepared for the work side of raising a child. The diapers, the feedings, the burping, the carrying of car seats and packing of diaper bags. As the toddler years came I was prepared for the carrying of heavy child, the repacking of diaper bags, potty-training, etc.

Why didn’t anyone tell me that there is a whole other side of the work of parenting?? If you are one of those parents who can sit in a chair, hear your kids fighting , then scream at them to stop, AND THEY STOP—you totally rock!!! Parenting is actual WORK! The child training, the discipline, the teaching of correct habits, and have I mentioned the whole sibling issues? You have to be consistent, you have to get up! I love the show Supernanny. So do my kids, which is always fun, because one day I think, “I hope they don’t get any ideas” and then the next time I think, “ wow, now they know what will happen if they try that!” Anyway, so many of the parents, well, they are lazy! They don’t get that parenting is actual WORK!! I have worked hard and so has my husband, to make sure we are doing what we call “active parenting”. I might have made that term up- although I don’t think I did. lol. So, when one of our children makes a mistake, we have tried to actively get up and teach them the proper thing to do, kindly, and patiently. We don’t sit there and yell, clean it up, or stop. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for us to do that, because if it did work, I’d probably do it! Because of this “active parenting” I think it’s really working for us. The kids aren’t stressed or scared if they make a mistake, because they know we all make mistakes, they know what to do if there is a spill, or a mess, or something like that. They’ve been taught repeatedly. If they have a question, they know they can come to mommy and daddy and we will try our best to answer their question, and if we don’t know the answer, we find out! Please don’t think Im saying we are perfect parents, oh my heavens, wouldn’t that be amazing!!!! But , I was thinking this morning as I was trying to lay down for a minute ( yes, that is lazy, but yes I have a good reason), and my children were playing nicely, then my autistic daughter had a huge meltdown, as I pulled myself up, to go actively take care of it, I realized that I’m exhausted, and parenting is WORK!!!! I thought I would get on here and kind of vent and talk about it a bit.

Has anyone else found that it takes major work to be a good parent?? Not just the physical side of it too, but the prayer, the emotions, the decisions?? Why don’t babies come with a caution sign?? CAUTION- THIS CHILD REQUIRES WORK!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Teaching Children to Mark Their Scriptures




Family and individual scripture study is vital!! It is one of the small, simple things we can do, and it will be so worth it. I have a category for scriptures, and a category for small, simple things, so this is just one post on one specific subject, so be prepared for lots more on this subject! Im passionate about it! For now, we will discuss marking scriptures and teaching our children how to find scriptures and become familiar with them.
The thing that I have found that works best, is to make sure each child has at least a small cheap copy of their own scriptures, even if they can't read yet. That way you can show them from day one, how to open the scriptures and turn to the page you are studying. My kids are learning the primary songs, the ones that teach the books of the scriptures in order, it is how I remember where everything is!! So those are two easy tips. Every child has their own set of scriptures ( even the cheap free ones if needed) and learn the primary songs that teach the books in order.
When you are having family scripture study, there are many different things you can do, but for this post I want to focus on individual scripture study with children who are a little older. Specifically because I now have two children who have been baptized and are doing individual scripture study and this is something that I will be working with them on. My scriptures are a marked up mess! But I am so thankful that I've developed this habit because I learn so much and then get these neat impressions that I would have never remembered if I hadnt written it down.
There are many different ways to mark your scriptures. I want to keep this post simple because it is focused on children who are just learning to have individual scripture study.
* The simplest way of course , is when a specific scripture "speaks" to the child, they can simply underline it. Remember to teach your child to use pencil, special scripture marking tools etc, so as not to tear up their sacred Scriptures.
* There are color coding ways of marking the scriptures. These are a bit complicated, even for me, I actually dont use this method, but if it is something that would be of interest to you or your family, then I want to include it as a resource. Some examples are:
RED: Jesus Christ
YELLOW: Atonement
BLUE: Priesthood
ORANGE: Prophecies
PURPLE: Historical facts
GREEN: Locations, descriptions of places
Etc, etc,
* Now for my favorite method..... I am going to recommend a book and hopefully put a link to it so you can purchase it for your family. It is called " Scripture Study for Latter-Day Saint Families" and they have the book of mormon, new test etc.... But they go through each chapter and have different icons... activity, insight, object lesson, quotation, story, and my fave- writing and scripture marking icons!!!! How perfect is that! The scriptures really come alive, and you can do this as family scripture study or assign certain aspects of it for your childrens personal scripture study. Now, if you are not into marking up your scriptures, please remember, a scripture journal is such an amazing tool. A cheap notebook will do. Keep it near you as you read and encourage your children to do the same. When they receive impressions or note something , they can write it in their scripture journal and have it with them. A notebook that will fit well into their scripture holders will also be helpful.
* What are your favorite ways to mark scriptures and how have you taught your children? Check the amazon store below, Im hoping they will have some neat lds scripture marking tools ( the sticker stories etc) and we can get them at good prices. I will also try and link the Scripture Study books here. Comment and let me know your ideas!!!!

The full series of the books is added into the amazon store at the bottom and right hand sides of the website here, under scripture study category. Im still learning about the whole store thing!!!!


Here is a fun summer activity for families! All about dandelions! I know we have plenty of these awesome flowers to play with! :)
Some facts about dandelions: yeah, theyre a weed. But I call them flowers. I usually have a few of them hanging out beside my bedside table in a cup that my kids have brought me. :) The word dandelion is from the french dent de lion, which means "lions tooth". Cool huh. Some people even cook with dandelions.. i don't and I actually don't recommend it. So I'll leave that up to you parents!
Dandelions are a true spring/summer treat. We've all pulled the dandelion when its yellow and snapped its head off. We've probably all tried to "write" on ourselves with the yellow petals. Then comes the fun of blowing the fluff off and making a wish! Here is a fun craft and a little drink recipe so you can have some fun with the kids!!
Dandelion Prints:
Piece of green construction paper, snap off the head of the yellow dandelion, dip it in yellow paint and have them press it onto the green paper, it looks pretty. :)
Piece of blue construction paper, snap off the head of the white fluff dandelion, dip it in white paint, have them press it onto the blue paper and it looks like the fluff blowing in the wind! Hang them in the window! It's easy and quick and the kids will have a blast!
Dandelion Drink:
13 oz package of lime flavored kool-aid ( or any powdered drink mix type thing that is lime)
46 oz can of pineapple juice
sugar to taste
Follow the directions and make the kool-aid, adding the water etc, everything, then stir in pineapple juice... sugar to taste, give it a try! Have a nice cool drink after working hard to pull those weeds.... i mean flowers :)

Mothers Teaching Children in the Home

Elder L. Tom Perry is one of my favorites. I know I'm not supposed to have favorites. But I can't help it. I have always adored him. I think its his smile. I even wrote him a letter when I was like 12, he wrote me back. yup. Im special that way I guess. Anyway, he gave this incredible talk in the April 2010 general conference. You can find it here then look up april 2010 general conference, elder l tom perry his talk is titled : Mother's Teaching Children in the Home.
For some reason blogger is being mean to me and not letting me copy and paste. Anywho..... I am also going to post a picture here of Elder Perry's awesome smile. :)
This talk absolutely raises my spirits as a mother. It makes me want to try harder. It makes me feel so happy that I have the opportunity and the BLESSING of staying home and teaching my children. It is truly a role of mine, and I accept it and grasp it!!!! Enjoy the talk!! :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Prayer Requests

At the bottom of this site is a picture just like this . Please click on the picture if you would like to take time in your day to pray for others. I will be accepting prayer requests, email me at and you can use first names, initials etc, Heavenly Father knows who we are praying about. It is important to take time out of each day to pray for others. we all need it!!! If you know of anyone, any faith, anywhere, who needs prayer, let me know, so we can join together and plead for them to our Savior. I had to put this on the penpal site, so there would be room, but the picture will take you right to the page!!!! Pass this along :)
Love, JL