Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Here is a fun summer activity for families! All about dandelions! I know we have plenty of these awesome flowers to play with! :)
Some facts about dandelions: yeah, theyre a weed. But I call them flowers. I usually have a few of them hanging out beside my bedside table in a cup that my kids have brought me. :) The word dandelion is from the french dent de lion, which means "lions tooth". Cool huh. Some people even cook with dandelions.. i don't and I actually don't recommend it. So I'll leave that up to you parents!
Dandelions are a true spring/summer treat. We've all pulled the dandelion when its yellow and snapped its head off. We've probably all tried to "write" on ourselves with the yellow petals. Then comes the fun of blowing the fluff off and making a wish! Here is a fun craft and a little drink recipe so you can have some fun with the kids!!
Dandelion Prints:
Piece of green construction paper, snap off the head of the yellow dandelion, dip it in yellow paint and have them press it onto the green paper, it looks pretty. :)
Piece of blue construction paper, snap off the head of the white fluff dandelion, dip it in white paint, have them press it onto the blue paper and it looks like the fluff blowing in the wind! Hang them in the window! It's easy and quick and the kids will have a blast!
Dandelion Drink:
13 oz package of lime flavored kool-aid ( or any powdered drink mix type thing that is lime)
46 oz can of pineapple juice
sugar to taste
Follow the directions and make the kool-aid, adding the water etc, everything, then stir in pineapple juice... sugar to taste, give it a try! Have a nice cool drink after working hard to pull those weeds.... i mean flowers :)

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