Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Teaching Children to Mark Their Scriptures




Family and individual scripture study is vital!! It is one of the small, simple things we can do, and it will be so worth it. I have a category for scriptures, and a category for small, simple things, so this is just one post on one specific subject, so be prepared for lots more on this subject! Im passionate about it! For now, we will discuss marking scriptures and teaching our children how to find scriptures and become familiar with them.
The thing that I have found that works best, is to make sure each child has at least a small cheap copy of their own scriptures, even if they can't read yet. That way you can show them from day one, how to open the scriptures and turn to the page you are studying. My kids are learning the primary songs, the ones that teach the books of the scriptures in order, it is how I remember where everything is!! So those are two easy tips. Every child has their own set of scriptures ( even the cheap free ones if needed) and learn the primary songs that teach the books in order.
When you are having family scripture study, there are many different things you can do, but for this post I want to focus on individual scripture study with children who are a little older. Specifically because I now have two children who have been baptized and are doing individual scripture study and this is something that I will be working with them on. My scriptures are a marked up mess! But I am so thankful that I've developed this habit because I learn so much and then get these neat impressions that I would have never remembered if I hadnt written it down.
There are many different ways to mark your scriptures. I want to keep this post simple because it is focused on children who are just learning to have individual scripture study.
* The simplest way of course , is when a specific scripture "speaks" to the child, they can simply underline it. Remember to teach your child to use pencil, special scripture marking tools etc, so as not to tear up their sacred Scriptures.
* There are color coding ways of marking the scriptures. These are a bit complicated, even for me, I actually dont use this method, but if it is something that would be of interest to you or your family, then I want to include it as a resource. Some examples are:
RED: Jesus Christ
YELLOW: Atonement
BLUE: Priesthood
ORANGE: Prophecies
PURPLE: Historical facts
GREEN: Locations, descriptions of places
Etc, etc,
* Now for my favorite method..... I am going to recommend a book and hopefully put a link to it so you can purchase it for your family. It is called " Scripture Study for Latter-Day Saint Families" and they have the book of mormon, new test etc.... But they go through each chapter and have different icons... activity, insight, object lesson, quotation, story, and my fave- writing and scripture marking icons!!!! How perfect is that! The scriptures really come alive, and you can do this as family scripture study or assign certain aspects of it for your childrens personal scripture study. Now, if you are not into marking up your scriptures, please remember, a scripture journal is such an amazing tool. A cheap notebook will do. Keep it near you as you read and encourage your children to do the same. When they receive impressions or note something , they can write it in their scripture journal and have it with them. A notebook that will fit well into their scripture holders will also be helpful.
* What are your favorite ways to mark scriptures and how have you taught your children? Check the amazon store below, Im hoping they will have some neat lds scripture marking tools ( the sticker stories etc) and we can get them at good prices. I will also try and link the Scripture Study books here. Comment and let me know your ideas!!!!

The full series of the books is added into the amazon store at the bottom and right hand sides of the website here, under scripture study category. Im still learning about the whole store thing!!!!


The Rich Family said...

Thank you for this post Jaelle. It just gets me even more excited about studying my scriptures and especially teaching my children how to study their scriptures! I have to admit with my oldest only being 4, I have not really gotten in the habit of reading scriptures with my kids. Your blog has reminded me of the importance of that and I can't wait to start being better about it. Thank you for all your ideas and pointers. I totally forgot about the colors and what they each stood for! I guess my favorite thing to do when reading the scriptures is to keep a little Book of Mormon journal with me as well while I read and then I can write my impressions and thoughts in there. I tend to run out of room trying to write it all in my Book of Mormon. Also, sometimes when I read the scriptures I like to choose a specific topic to be focusing on and then I can really learn more thoroughly on that one thing. It just makes scripture study a little easier and more fun sometimes. Thanks again Jaelle! Love you girlie!

Howard said...

As a primary teacher for the entire senior primary (we have a very small primary), I think my goal is to get the kids comfortable with scripture. I want them to be comfortable upon entry into seminary. I feel that it's like drivers' ed. If someone isn't familiar at all they may feel like they're not part of the class. We've lost too many of our kids during those years. This website guides me to achieve that goal. Thank you.

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