Friday, December 30, 2011

Teaching our Children Integrity


It is one of the most important character traits/values that a person can possess, but how do we explain integrity to our children?

First of all, we need to know what it means. Integrity is being honest, loyal, and consistent. President Monson puts it this way, “ Perhaps the surest test of an individuals integrity is his refusal to do or say anything that would damage self-worth.”

Two fun and easy ways to teach children is by teaching them the song from the children’s songbook, page 158 “Dare to do Right”. As they sing the song and become familiar with it, they will learn how to be brave and choose the right!

The second way is a neat article from Joseph B. Wirthlin, it is found here:

It explains integrity in easy to use words for children and is inspired by the Lord. Of course you can also use any of the Young Women’s Personal Progress activities on integrity. They can be found here:

It is my prayer that each of us will possess this quality and by our example our children will also possess it! Happy Parenting!

Cooking with Kids

cooking with kids

For Christmas my mother got my daughter the neatest gift. All three of my kids adore cooking and baking. Marlee especially loves this. So my mother got her a beautiful pink wicker trunk full of cooking things!

cooking with kids 001

Inside it was packed full of neat things!!! My mom had collected cookie cutters, decorating tips and bottles for icing, fun kids cookbooks, utensils, measuring cups, a tiny muffin tin with tiny muffin papers, a beautiful apron, and muffin mixes and cookie mixes. There was so much more, I can’t remember all of it! Another special thing was a special cookbook with recipes from Marlee’s grandma’s and aunts written in their own handwriting. Marlee has made apple cinnamon muffins and also monkey bread so far! She wants to do cookies next!

cooking with kids 002

Cooking with kids is a joy! Yes, it can get messy, but it’s fun! There are so many neat websites out right now that give great tips and ideas and easy recipes. I like to go to the local library and check out cookbooks, many of which are made for kids! The best thing to do, just include your kids while you cook. Have them near you in the kitchen. It will be wonderful memories for them. I love thinking of when I was a child and my mom or grandma’s would be cooking. The smells!! YUM! Give your child a task. Let them stir the bowl. Let them crack an egg. Let them lick the spoon! Have them help you meal plan. Let them look through the cookbooks or online recipes and see what they think sounds good. This is awesome for picky eaters also, a lot of times when they get to pick it out, and help make it, they will eat it!

Enjoy spending time with your kids!! Happy parenting!

Setting up a family blog

family blog

It seems like everyone has a blog these days! They are an easy way to keep up with family, and to keep your family record for posterity. There are even great websites that print your blog into books so you can keep them with your family history! Some people balk at the idea though, they worry it will be to hard. Here are some great sites and resources to help you set up a family blog! It’s much easier then you think!

There are quite a few free blog sites to set up your blog. I use and I have a lot of friends who use and . Just follow the easy directions to get started with the actual blog. Choose a fun title for your blog and off you go!

To really fancy up your blog I suggest using I adore this site! I use it for my blogs. Once again the directions are easy and its free!

Do you wonder what to write about? Anything you want! You can set it up by date, such as , this is what we did today as a family. You can write about topics, things that are important to you and your family. You can just post tons of pictures and write captions! It is up to you!

One of my favorite things to do is to go check out other people’s blogs. We have quite a few good ones listed here on LDS Parenting and one of my favorite ever places is There are hundreds of blogs there!!!!

Good luck!! Enjoy!