Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Emma Smith : My Story and Loving Church History

This is on Netflix now!! Incredible idea for Family Home Evening ! I have always been so inspired and in love with the stories of Joseph and Emma Smith. I particularly feel a great love for Emma. I have many books on the subjects and have studied their stories. I am so blessed to live an hour away from Nauvoo, and the Spirit there is so incredibly strong. I love to stand in front of Joseph and Emma's homestead and gaze at the river. There are some scenes in the Emma movie where they are standing in that same spot... and I feel that every time I stand there and gaze at the river... they are standing there with me. I feel so strongly that this is where they would've stayed if they could have.
( this is a picture I took standing in front of the homestead gazing out of the river ) With the fact that we are learning about The Church's history and also going into the Doctrine and Covenants... I am just so excited . I love this. I love the Spirit of the beginning of the Gospel being restored. I love the thought of teaching my children this!! Already they are learning in Primary and I can't wait to go into depth teaching my children about their heritage! So far I haven't found any amazing "pioneers" in my family history.. My parents are the first ones that converted... but we still have such a heritage just by belonging to this church! So my question to you.... have you seen this movie and what did you think? Did you feel the great spirit?? Have you been to Nauvoo? What ideas do you have to teach your children of their great heritage?? Ok.. one more pic of Nauvoo to end the post.. I have like a million so I need to use as many as possible in this post HAHAHA!!!
This is at Scovill Bakery... my children adore the brother and sister missionaries that are there. They have such love and compassion for their service. Happy Parenting! Love, JL~

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