Saturday, March 23, 2013

April Family Challenge

Spring = Hope 

Spring feeds my soul. Its rain cleans the stains and mud of the last year. Its wind carries away worry, doubt and fear. Its flowers deliver optimism, smiles,and love. Its bird's put a song on all of our lips. Its sunshine pulls my body to do cartwheels and toe touches. The blossoms on the trees and the green hint in the grass mean play and memories are on their way. Birth of chicks and bunnies reminds us all of the precious gift of life. Easter reminds us all that none of this is possible without Christ. All of these emotions and feelings can be explained to a child by watching a plant grow. By taking an insignificant little seed, putting it in plain dirty dirt and watching something beautiful, almost magical and full of life emerge.

Gardening With Kids

Challenge: Plant something new with your kids. Care for it, take to it, check up on it. Bring the magic of growth into your family.

Here are a few articles that I enjoyed that discuss good kid friendly plant and ideas:  

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