Thursday, March 7, 2013

Celebrate Easter Giveaway !

celebrate easter
Here at LDS Parenting we are getting excited about Easter! My kids and I have been studying the life of Christ and at Discover the Scriptures they have an amazing resource!
Here is what it’s all about :
Discover the Joy of Easter has memory verses; Easter hymns; gift ideas for teachers, friends, and neighbors; Easter journal pages; and of course...the Easter story. Read how and why Christ celebrated the Passover in Jerusalem. Learn about the Passover symbols that point to the sacrifice of Jesus, and then put on your own Christian Passover for your family (recipes and directions included)! Read about Christ's atonement and death on the cross. Find out about his mission in the spirit world before his resurrection. Walk with Mary and the disciples to the tomb on Easter morning. Read about Easter among the Nephites.
Now that sounds awesome!!!! Discover the Scriptures is great about selling resources at a low cost, and they have been amazing enough to let us give away one copy of Discover the Joy of Easter!
So hop on over ( hehehe….. get it hop? Easter ? Bunny ? !!!) and enter here with Rafflecopter!
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