Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer Fun Celebration Wrap Up 2013

Well, I think it was a great celebration! What do you guys think? The giveaway was super cute... another big thank you to SARAH JANE STUDIOS  and I really enjoyed all of the guest posts! It is always good to have fresh content and other people's points of view! I know you all get tired of just me writing!!

One of the things that we did personally as a family was make a "summer bucket list poster" but we did it just a bit differently. Instead of things we would LIKE to do.... we have been keeping track of things we have DONE. For example, fish for minnows, make clover necklaces, and catch fireflies. Along with the bigger things like birthday parties and such. It looks pretty good so far!

So, we will be getting back to the regular type of articles here at LDS Parenting... is there anything in particular you guys are interested in ?? Hope everyone is having a fantastic summer and
Love, JL~

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