Monday, July 1, 2013

July Family Network Challenge! 2013

Well, it's pretty hot down here in Arizona so we are all about fun things we can do inside right now! One of the loves of my son's life from the very beginning has been cardboard boxes. And what kid doesn't love a good box? Maybe it's the endless possibilities they possess or maybe it's the fact that they cannot be ruined because you can just create something new (and mom and dad don't get mad since it was free)! My little guy started playing in boxes when he was a baby. I remember making one into a little fort and him crawling in and out 100 times. The first big box project we undertook was this little race car: And boy, was that a staple toy for a solid month or two. Now his imagination is growing like crazy and so is his sweet tooth, so we decided to combine the two and make something a little more interactive: an ice cream shop! We decorated it together and even cut out little scoops of ice cream in different colors so he could scoop them up in a bowl. His favorite flavor is blueberry peanut butter. I didn't even know they had that flavor so maybe this is one of those shops that you can combine whatever flavors you want! :) First thing in the morning for days he would pull out his shop and yell, "Free Ice Cream, Ice Cream!" Our neighbors may have thought we were eating ice cream at all hours of the day and night and I am not denying or admitting to any actual eating of ice cream. (But they probably already know we do things a little crazy around here! :) This month, for our July Family Challenge, we are having a....

Cardboard Competition!

Grab a box (or run to your local grocery store and ask them for one if you don't have one on hand) and get creating! There are tons of fun ideas out there:
Cardboard car and gas pump
This is from Craigslist Dad and he has some awesome ideas!!!
This is one of two cute cardboard ideas from The Craft Train.
I am so excited to see what everyone creates for this challenge!!! Let us know by posting your picture or linking up on our Facebook page and by taking a picture for Instagram and labeling it #cardboardcompetition. (You can also use hash tags on Facebook now, so do that too!) We can't wait to see what you've come up with! By Brittany from Play With Your Family Brought To You By:

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