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November Family Network Challenge

    A Big Thank You to Janine for writing this challenge for us!!!!!


Everyone has had a bad day.  One of those, spilled-coffee-in-your-lap, baby’s-diaper-leaked-3-times-before-breakfast, car-doesn’t-start kind of days can really put you in a foul mood.  But what if you were shown a little appreciation that day?  Wouldn’t it lift your spirits and make life’s little mishaps less of a burden?

diy thank you cards

This month start a new tradition and teach your children one of the most important values you can.  Try making these simple DIY thank you cards as a family and show appreciation to people in your community.

Simple DIY Thank You Cards


Cardstock or pre-folded cards

Different colored scrapbooking/construction paper or washi tape

Regular scissors and edgers


Coloring supplies

Printable “Thanks” Tags

It’s crazy how easy these are to make!  First, if you’re using a full sheet of cardstock, fold it in half with the short edge together.  Cut the sheet in half and fold it in half again on the short edge to make your card.

Next, have your children cut long strips of different colored paper and use kraft edgers to make a decorative cut on one end of the strips.  To make this even easier, you could cut lots of strips ahead of time and just have your children do the decorative edge.

diy thank you cards

Glue the strips with the straight edge lined up with the top of the card.  To make this part even easier, you could use washi tape!

diy thank you cards

You can print these free “Thanks” tags by downloading the template below.  Cut them out ahead of time or have your children help.

diy thank you cards printables

Glue the tags over your paper strip collage and Voila!  Heat up some hot chocolate and make a bunch with the whole family.

diy thank you cards

Now that you have your cards, make sure you put some in your bag.  When you are out and about this month, have your children give the cards to people in the community like your waiter, cashier, or someone who says something nice to them at the store.

You could also plan a special delivery to the fire or police station; even the family doctor.  These little gestures of thanks go a long way in making someone’s day better and instilling values in your children!

The Giving Thanks November Family Challenge

How are you giving thanks as a family?  We would love to hear about it!  Please leave a comment or grab a button and link up below.  You can also send me a picture of your idea and I will post it to my facebook page.

Need more inspiration?  Follow the Gift of Giving Pinerest board with tons of ideas to help you teach your children how amazing it feels to give to others.

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The Family Network

giving thanks november family challenge

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