Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Family Network February 2014 Challenge

Happy February everyone! For the Family Network Challenge this month we are going to do a photo challenge that focuses on the kids! It seems that everyone is doing once a day photo challenges and they are so fun! We thought it would be fun to get the kids involved and really make a fuss on things that they are interested in!

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Here's how it works! There will be a "theme" for each day, and you can either take the picture of the child, or let them take it! We will have a Facebook group page set up here :
   and you can upload the pic each day, or share it on your blog, or just save it for your scrapbooks! The point is to make your kids feel really special.. we want to know what their favorite things are! Plus, what kid can resist a camera!!

Here are the themes:

February The Family Network Photo Challenge 2014
 1. Selfie Pic- Let the kids take a picture of themselves!
2. Silly Face Pic
3. Me and my Mom
4. My Favorite Food
5. My Pet
6. Snack for the Day
7. Me Sleeping ( mom can you help take this pic ?)
8. My Favorite Game
9. My Fave Stuffed Animal or Toy
10. My Favorite School Subject or me doing homework
11. Our Home
12. My Shoes I'm Wearing Today
13. What we are doing at 4:00 pm
14. Valentines I'm Giving Out
15. My Siblings
16. I Drew This!
17. Black and White Photo
18. Book I'm Reading
19. What I'm Listening To
20. My Toothbrush
21. Something I DON'T Like
22. Drink I'm Drinking
23. I Wore This Today
24. Baby Pic of Me!
25. My Favorite Place
26. What We Are Watching
27. My Dance Moves
28. A Picture of Me!

Have fun with this!! I can't wait to see everyone's pics!
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