Monday, June 27, 2016

Marlee's Trial and How She Stayed Faithful - guest post

Today we are blessed to have a guest post by my sweet daughter Marlee, age 13. She recently went thru a trial of Atypical Pneumonia, causing her left lung to stop functioning etc and was admitted to St Louis Children's Hospital. She is home now and getting better day by day, but she went through a lot and was faithful the whole way through. Love, JL~ Marlee's Mom and owner of LDS Parenting. :)

So for the past couple of weeks i have been very sick, the doctors had me on my oxygen 24/7 for a couple of days, i was down, it was pretty hard to see everyone going places around me and i couldn't be there with them, i was confused, and i had a spiritual block, i would cry for no reason, and couldn't think clearly.

one day my mom asked if i wanted her to call the bishop or the missionaries to give me a priesthood blessing, i said i didn't know, i couldn't come to the point of being ok with asking that of them, i had a hard time asking anyone for anything, later that day my mom came in as i was sitting in the same recliner i had been in since i had became sick, and said that the missionaries where there and wanted to give me a blessing, silently i nodded, they came in and blessed me that i would be better in the lord's due time and god wants me to be better, also to keep faith, and to continue to study my scriptures, i have been struggling with studying my scriptures, so i just looked at it logically and agreed, that night i got together a binder and started taking notes, me and my mom have been reading scriptures together each night since, and that definitely helped me get through this.

soon it came to the point where my breathing got worse, i went to my doctor, he listened to my lungs, looked at me and said " you sound horrible," i just sort of looked at him for a bit as he sort of stated the obvious, and he said that i needed to go to st. louis to children's, then he told me how the panda pillow pet i had against my rib looked more like a sloth, anyways he is an awesome doctor that i have had for a very long time, we went home and packed then dad came home from work early, we got into the car and left, i was weak, tired, and overall very sick, still i didn't realize how serious it was, i just thought about dylan and sydney [ my brother and sister ], dylan would be at youth conference in iowa, and sydney was staying with some close family friends, being sick i had missed out on a lot, one of those things [ the highlight of my summer, only big thing] was girl's camp, which you may know if you have ever read my blog [ HERE ], i had to send my sister without me, it was awful, but she was happy and safe, thankfully my best friend savannah took her in as a little sister basically and was there for her, and she knows i would do the same for any of her siblings.

 soon we got to the hospital, it seemed a bit rushed, i was weaker than i have felt like ever, i had to be in a wheelchair, and soon we got back into the room, we watched hgtv and talked to various nurses and doctors, and after about 2-4 hours i was admitted, the doctors and nurses were amazing, soon i was admitted into the room, still tired, and very hungry, i had to answer a few questions from a nurse etc., then we were settled, after i ate dinner, i started to think, i am pretty sure i mentioned a few times [ basically all i could think about] was that i NEEDED to read my scriptures, so i did, then tried to rest, reading my scriptures gave me the strength i needed then, and now, before i became sick i began to notice that i wasn't paying attention or understanding as i read my scriptures, which bothered me, but after that blessing i got better with it, it turns out i just need someone to read with, so i understand everything.

soon they got me hooked up to an I.V., i had to have a lot of medicine through that, and it made me sick but better at the same time, i was so sick of getting needles and my arms are still bruised from being stuck so many times with no luck in hannibal hospitals, but they had it numbed and could keep it in so they didn't have to stick me each time, and there were a lot!, i got a bit of sleep that night, then the next day was a bit better, i was eating a bit, and i had horrid heartburn, and that day for two meals straight i had the same thing i had for dinner the night before, [ a cheeseburger ], i was finally seeing some improvement, i was able to make a small craft, watch a bit of tv with dad and i was safe and happier than i had been in quite a while, that night i was ready to go home, i had a bit of tears etc. , but i had gotten through the big part of it all, and i was thankful, this whole time i haven't wanted to get better for myself, but for my family, and friends,  i can't stand when people are worried about me and i can't help them, but it is nice to know that they love me as much as i love them, and i have received lots of messages of hope, love, and prayers for me.

i have became a lot stronger throughout this experience, and the first night i almost cried because i didn't realize that my brother would be worried about me, not because he doesn't love me or anything, because he never seems to get nervous about anything, he is very good that way, i love him too, and i know when he was in the hospital when he was younger i was very nervous about him too, we were very close when we were younger, we still talk and stuff, we just aren't joint at the hip as much as we have grown older, which is ok, since we still hang out etc., which is wonderful i am close with my siblings.

soon it was saturday and i was going home, the doctors were soooooo awesome, and very smart, and they were able to send me home that day, before we left i was able to call my sister, i hadn't talked to her in 3 days and it was good, plus she loves to talk on the phone so she enjoyed it a lot, and she had a good time at our friend's house and was doing good, and thankful i was doing better, i was too, it was good to laugh a bit since i haven't as much, and my parents were great through this too, and keeping me safe and happy, and it was nice to have them just, you know, there.

on the way home i was a lot better, i got some good rest etc., it was so good to be home that night and sleep in my own bed, and i had my whole family together, our visiting teachers brought us dinner, and we were able to talk with them etc., it was good, through this whole experience i think i endured it well, i wasn't as scared as i thought i would be, just sick, that's all, i also didn't realize how big it was at all, anyways i would just like to end with saying thank you to all of those who prayed etc.,  and have supported me through this, i wish you all luck in your own trials also, it was also a wonderful experience to get to write on my mom's blog, Thanks - Marlee <3

ps- from JL , Marlee's Mommy - I'm so proud of her, she was incredibly strong and brave and graceful throughout the whole thing. Love her !!! <3

Friday, June 17, 2016

Review of Lifeology Energy Healing Course for Families

" If all you know is what you see with your natural eyes and hear with your natural ears, then you will
  not know very much " - Boyd K. Packer

  This is a quote that is included in the Lifeology Energy Healing Course for Families. I think it does a fantastic job of explaining what this course does. It teaches you to use your Spiritual gifts. You learn to help your family in ways that you may not know. Ways that you can learn through using the Spirit and the tools and resources that Shiloah Baker, owner of Lifeology Energy Healing, teaches you. You will use so much more than your natural eyes and natural ears.

  Shiloah Baker is a Master Energy Therapist and instructor, using the Lifeology energy healing modality. She is a member of the LDS church, and her joy is in her family. She is married to her sweetheart, Ben and they are the parents of 10 children and another on the way ! She lives in Stuttgart, Germany right now. She is also the owner of The Homemaking Cottage .

  I was blessed to be able to take the Lifeology Energy Healing Course for Families this summer and I am obsessed. That's really the only way to put it. I have learned not only about Energy Healing, but about ways to really connect with my children, how to make my home conducive to the Spirit, how to receive Spiritual revelation, how to be a Righteous parent, and she even covers specific topics that children and even parents, have difficulties with and how to help. Topics that include behavioral issues, autism, allergies, children who don't listen, and so on. She teaches how to achieve harmony in your home, which is something that I feel every LDS parent is looking for.  One of the topics is wayward children, which I feel will be a blessing to many parents.

  One of the best features of this course, to me, is that she teaches us how to teach our family how to use these tools and resources. There is nothing better then being able to sit quietly with your child as they are trying to figure out why they are acting the way they are, and you can quietly and lovingly teach them how to deal with the negative emotions they may be feeling. They can learn tools to use to begin to manage their own emotions. What a blessing for a parent to have that special bond with their children.

  Shiloah uses quotes and books written by General Authorities and also Scripture in order to teach us how to really change our lives and our families lives. She is teaching us how to take control of our emotions and lives and how to become even more like Christ. This course is a little over 8 hours of online teaching. She teaches through a live webinar that has been recorded for us. It is not just a long article written out and you answer some questions. She is teaching and you are listening and watching and can see the techniques she uses. The webinar that was recorded includes the first bunch of students and they ask good questions and bring up good topics and it's really helpful. Shiloah has a bright personality and is a incredibly smart and a great teacher. She was born to do this ! I believe that ! It's so worth the money.

Here is the link to where you can purchase this course and also look around at all of the other great products.     Energy Healing Course For Families

Shiloah has published a book that is incredibly helpful to have for your family -

Here is the link to purchase the book and to find out more about it :   Energy Healing For Families Guidebook

I really hope you invest in this course. You will be thankful to have it for your family. Happy Parenting! Love, JL~