Monday, October 31, 2016

Getting Personal - Fall is my Favorite !

     On a personal note - I have really been missing my blog MOMTOTHREEBABIES and missing writing daily about our adventures and my cute kids. I realized that I have this blog sitting right here that I have worked so hard on and that I can post personal posts too if I want to ! It's my blog!!! So there will be some personal posts in here along with my regular article type posts. :) I can't help it. I just love my kids !

     This past week has been full of Fall happiness !!! It started last weekend when the kids had their big halloween party at their grandma and grandpas ! Cousins to play with and cars to trunk or treat at and lots of food to eat !

                      My Marlee, Dylan, cousin A, Sydney, cousin B, cousin J, and Cousin M in the front!

             My Marlee, Sydney, cousin J, cousin B, cousin A, and Dylan in the back ! Family trunk or treat!

          My Sydney as Katniss from Hunger Games, cousin B, cousin A, and cousin J ! Halloween party at
          Grandma and Grandpas !

                                             Cousin J and my Dylan telling scary stories !!


My Sydney as Katniss, my Marlee as a crazy vampire and cousin A trying on cousin B's mask- scary lol ! 

     Then next up was the ward trunk or treat - and I somehow didn't get any pictures !!!!!! They had a blast eating a ton of chili and then going around with their friends and cousins that came with them. 

On thursday me and Sydney had a mommy/daughter date and went to Riverview Park and enjoyed playing in the leaves :) It was so gorgeous. That is what the top picture is from. Just a pretty tree :) 

                                 The gorgeous Mississippi River at the overlook in Riverview Park

Syd enjoyed playing on the trees :) 

Then to close things out on Saturday night we had a couple of fun things going on . Sydney is in the midst of rehearsals for the Bluff City Theater YETI Program . It's teenagers age 13-18 and sweet Syd has never even been in a kindergarten play and she is only 12 and she got special permission to try out. She walked in and got a lead part haha ! She is loving it so much and making new friends :) So she had her rehearsal and then me and Keith and Dylan and Marlee were headed out to Parkers Corn Maze  to help ! They were having a night maze which is so fun! Marlee went through with the Young Women from church and Dylan and Keith were 'corn cops' and they sat out in the maze to help people who got lost haha ! I got to sit at the entrance and help people get their glow stick necklaces and maps :) It was really fun ! 

                                     The entrance to the Night Maze at Parker's Corn Maze ! 

uh oh ! Marlee and Sydney got caught by the corn cops breaking the rules ! ;) 

Cute Marlee at the gift shop - and yes that is me taking the picture haha ! 

To round out our week Dylan and I spent some time at our sweet dog Ozzy's gravesite. It was a peaceful, calm time and I enjoyed being with Dylan. 

 Happy Parenting ! Love, JL~ 

Monday, October 3, 2016

The Mom Conference

     If you believe that motherhood is the toughest and most beautiful job in the world - we've got just the thing for you! 

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