Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Living Scriptures GIVEAWAY !

Here's the link to the coupon code for 50% off your first month in case you get impatient ~ I know I do when I see a good deal !
Also ~ the Giveaway is at the bottom ;)

I am so excited ! When my babies were little, we went to the Latter Day Harvest store in Nauvoo. We are in the Nauvoo Stake and it's one of our favorite places in the world ! While we were browsing around the store looking for fun things for our kiddos, to help teach the Gospel in our home , we noticed that Living Scriptures was set up at a table near the front of the store. They were signing people up for their DVD's and CD's and you got a lot of free goodies when you signed up. This was perfect for us ! Since we don't live in Utah, we don't get to just run to a store and grab cute teaching things for the Gospel. Now we had the opportunity to have DVD's in the home that the kids would enjoy! So we signed up ! 

Fast forward to now, the kids are almost 16, 15, and 13. We now receive the DVD's in the mail that are geared towards older kids and adults, DVD's about the Prophets ( which is also good for little kids! ) and The Docudrama of the Restoration etc. 

A few weeks ago, we found out that Living Scriptures is now streaming all of their videos and more, for only 10 bucks a month. SCORE!!!!! I am so excited to be able to share this with you... and to give you a 50% discount for the first month of streaming ! Let me tell you more about it! 

Hundreds of High Quality Videos and Audios ~ 
Animated Stories of the Book of Mormon

Animated Stories of the Old Testament

Animated Stories of the New Testament

Animated Hero Classics

Modern Prophets

The Docudrama of the Restoration

Visit Israel ( hubby and I really enjoyed this one... very interesting )

Kids 10 Commandments 

Dramatized Audio Stories ( these are super fun to listen to at bedtime )

* Over 3000 activity pages with puzzles, mazes, and more in downloadable, printable books featuring their favorite characters from the movies !
* Over 2000 quiz questions testing their skills and what they have learned from the videos ~ these quizzes are interactive and super fun ! 
* Over 200 hours of audio stories featuring American history, Scriptures stories, classic family tales and more !
* Over 80 FHE lessons all planned out for you! 

Anywhere you have internet access ~ you can enjoy all of this ! Plus you can download things to your device and take them with you offline ! How perfect is that for car rides etc ?? 

How could you not want all of this for only 10 bucks a month ??? 

Go check it out... using this link : LIVING SCRIPTURES COUPON CODE !   and enjoy 50% off your first month !!! 

I can't tell you how much my family has loved Living Scriptures. Ever since our kids were little, it was so fun to be able to pop in a DVD and know that they were watching beautiful things, things that were good and virtuous and taught them the Scriptures and more. They loved taking the coloring and activity pages to church to use quietly while in Sacrament when they were to young to really pay attention. Long car rides were fun with the CDs with family stories and more. Now it is so much easier ! You can just access it anywhere, anytime !!! 

You won't regret spending that ten bucks a month..... 


There will be 3 winners chosen ! 
Prizes are as follows : 
Docudrama of the Restoration : The Heavens are Opened DVD

Docudrama of the Restoration : New York : The Church Restored

The Modern Prophets : John Taylor

Here's where you enter and don't forget to share this blog post and Pin it ! :)

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Happy Parenting! Love, JL~ 

Friday, May 5, 2017

Memorize The Living Christ as a Family and a GIVEAWAY


During April 2017 General Conference President Russell M Nelson stated this : 
" It was this very statement of the Prophet that provided the incentive for 15 prophets, seers and revelators to issue and sign their testimony to commemorate the 2,000th  anniversary of the Lord's birth. That historic testimony  is titled " The Living Christ ". Many members have memorized it's truth. Others barely know of its existence. As you seek to learn more about Jesus Christ, I urge you to study " The Living Christ." 

What a wonderful thing to do as a family ! We are blessed to have many resources to help us to learn and memorize The Living Christ as a family. Maybe take it a week at a time during FHE and spend 15 minutes working on it. Here are some fun resources and a GIVEAWAY WOOT WOOT !!! 

Happy Parenting !
Love, JL~ 


Family Home Evening ~ Why is Jesus Christ Important in my Life

Here is the entire pack for FHE etc..... ~

This is an amazing activity pack from Discover the Scriptures ~

Printable Download of The Living Christ from Little Kit Designs on Etsy !

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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Once There Was a Mom ~ Book Review and GIVEAWAY !


Dear readers, I am about to tell you something you may not know.......
Being a mom is HARD !!!! 
Yep, bet you didn't know that !

But it is so worth it ! Deseret Book has done it again ! I just can't get over how great their books are ! For Mother's Day 2017 they have released this book by the amazing Emily Watts. Not only does the book talk about all the sweet and wonderful things about being a mom.... it also talks about the hardships. And the guilt. But in the end.... it is always so worth it ! 

Emily Watts is a frequent Time Out for Women speaker and the author of other great books, a lot of them on mothering. She knows what she's talking about ! The book is precious and the illustrations are fantastic. 

As soon as it came in the mail , I sat down with my two daughters who are 14 and 12. I read them the book and we all said " AWE " so many times ! They are little mothers at heart already and they can't wait to one day have this honor. It was fun to sit down and share this with them. I have it sitting on top of  my entertainment center now, ready to celebrate Mother's around the world on May 14th ! 

Don't you just love this quote from the book ? It's so true ! Our children are definitely the stars in our skies. They are our everything and this book shows that ! It's incredibly loving, yet so real !

What mother hasn't wondered this ? I know that I worry about this constantly. Being a mom with a chronic disease isn't easy. Being a mom who is perfectly healthy isn't easy ! We all tend to beat ourselves up ~ Are we doing enough ?

That is one reason I love this book so much. After this quote.... Sister Watts tells us why it is enough. Why every little thing we do for our kids and every little prayer we utter for them, is enough.

Every mother needs this book. It is a beautiful reminder of how hard and how amazing motherhood truly is.

Here is a little snippet from a  great talk that  Sister Watts  gave at Time Out for Women , and it gives you a little idea of how great she is :

I pray that each one of you precious mothers out there has a beautiful Mother's Day this year and every year. I pray that you give yourself a break, and know that you are doing your best and that is enough. I hope that you will consider getting this sweet book and sharing it with others.

You can purchase it here : DESERET BOOK
Happy Mother's Day !
Love, JL~

For a chance to win a copy ~ Enter here !!! Good Luck ! Happy Parenting !

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Living Scriptures Coupon Code !

Did you know..... that LIVING SCRIPTURES now has the option to stream the entire library - movies, music, FHE, coloring pages etc etc etc - anywhere you have internet access - for only $9.99 a month ???? How crazy cool is that ??? 

Less than ten bucks people ! Every family needs this ! 

Head over to LIVING SCRIPTURES and enjoy 50% off your first month... compliments of Living Scriptures and LDS Parenting :) 

Friday, April 14, 2017

Repentance and Listening to the Spirit

     A few days ago I sat down with the kids to have our Gospel lesson for the day. We were discussing the steps of repentance, which is one of the things that the Prophets have asked us to teach our children. So I'm talking to the kids and all of the sudden, I felt the Spirit whisper to me, tell the kids about a big mistake you made... well of course I wanted to say, NO! But I followed the prompting and I told the kids about a time where I had made a big mistake and I had to go through a big repentance process. I wanted them to know that it wasn't a scary thing to repent. It is a gift!

I was always a little afraid of repentance when I was younger. I know that's so silly, but I was truly worried! When I went through this big repentance process with the help of an amazing branch president who loved me and was patient with me and taught me so much about repentance, I was so excited to learn that repentance is not scary in any way! It's such a gift. I wanted my children to know, that we are so incredibly blessed by this gift. As I was talking about the mistake, the repentance process and how I felt after I had completed the process, I was really excited to see how much this story was touching my children. I think they actually loved me even more, to see that I totally messed up!

I still wasn't sure why Heavenly Father wanted me to share this with my kids. It's definitely not one of my better moments in my life! Well, I found out later that day, why Heavenly Father asked me to share this. I was shocked when about ten minutes after our lesson, one of my kids came in to my room and asked to speak with me. They were able to ask a question about something that they weren't sure was good or bad. They wanted me to help them to go over the steps for asking Heavenly Father whether something is right or wrong. I was happy to show them the Scripture D&C 9 : 8-9 and we were able to quietly discuss the steps and they were able to study it out and ask Heavenly Father whether it was right or wrong. They were also able to talk to me about whether or not I felt it was a mistake and that they needed to repent for it. I was so thankful that they felt safe to come to me and discuss this with such a calm manner. I'm really blessed that way with my kiddos. They aren't shy in any way about what they discuss with me! Sometimes I laugh because it's a bit TMI! The child was able to tell me that they were happy that I shared the story with them today because it made them feel really good about coming to me and talking to me about this issue.

We have to make sure that each day we, as parents, are asking our Father in Heaven what we need to teach our children that day. I try hard to remember each night to specifically ask Him what I need to teach our children the next day. We homeschool and so I'm blessed with that extra time to do a Gospel lesson each day but I know that not every family is able to do that. So one thing I truly recommend, is praying especially for inspiration on what to teach your children for Family Home Evening each week. He will give you the answers of exactly what your children need to hear ! I'm so thankful that I have a Father in Heaven who truly cares about my kids and helps me to know what to do while raising them. Of course I still screw up big time ! But He is patient with me and thank goodness, so far, my kids have been pretty patient with me too ! :)

Happy Parenting ! Love, JL~

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER !!!!!! Congrats to Carrie M who won the book! Drawing was done using random.org as always :) Thanks to everyone who entered !!! 

I was so excited when DESERET BOOK asked me to read and review Sheri Dew's new book ' Worth the Wrestle '. I love Sheri Dew !!! This book didn't disappoint ! I did a review post on it HERE so go check that out ! 

I finally received my actual print copy of the book last week so I'm excited to be able to give that away to a reader ! Will it be you ??? 

It's easy peasy to enter.... just go read the review post and then come tell me that you read it in the comments here ! :) 

Here's the link for the review post again : REVIEW POST !!!!!

Enjoy and good luck ! I will draw for the winner using random.org on April 21st ! :) 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

#PRINCEOFPEACE Family Home Evening and Easter Tree Activity

Winner winner chicken dinner 🐔
Congrats to amy malone our giveaway winner ! 

     When I learned what the new Easter campaign was going to be for the year, I was so excited. Oh how we all long for peace in our lives. In this troubled and loud and chaotic world, it means so much to be able to take time and to be still and learn from the Prince of Peace. The church has suggested eight core principals that can help us to achieve peace in this life. This is something that is so important to teach our children, because not only will it bring them peace, but it teaches them to trust the Savior. That the Savior is loving and involved in their lives and truly wants them to be with Him one day and with our Father in Heaven. 

     I decided to do a Family Home Evening with my family on the #PRINCEOFPEACE campaign and we made a fun Easter Tree that has the eight core principals on it. I'm going to share the FHE with you and also encourage you to go to www.mormon.org and learn more and also, please go to THE REDHEADED HOSTESS to find more blog posts with fun activities and printables etc for your family !!! Don't forget to enter my giveaway at the end also ! :) With Love, JL~ 


Song ~ Be Still My Soul Hymn No 124
This is one of my favorite versions of it ~ David Archuleta singing to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir :)

Prayer ~ Select a Family Member :)

Scripture ~ Isaiah 9:6

Lesson ~ On mormon.org each one of the Eight Core Principals has a section. Use that as your lesson. It has videos and all kinds of stuff. It's perfect !!!!

Activity ~ Making an Easter Tree

Go outside and find a good branch that you can make a little tree ! I used a part of my apple tree that we had pruned but even tiny little "charlie brown " sticks will work if you use little eggs hehe  !!!!
I used EASTER EGG TEMPLATE this site and printed out a bunch of fun easter egg templates for the family to color. Now we let them color the stuff while we did the lesson.... that might help keep little ones occupied while you go over the lesson :)
I used 8 big blank easter egg templates and wrote each of the eight core principals on the eggs.
Then of course we just hung the eggs up and I added a few cheap little plastic eggs etc. and then display it proudly ! When you look at it you can remember each off the principles and throughout your day you can stop and point to the tree and say can someone name one of the things that can bring us peace ? etc etc... plenty of fun ways to teach these principals !

Service Project ~ "You've Been Egged !! "  Print some more of the big easter egg templates ~ Color and write nice things on them about a family or member of your ward that could use a surprise. Maybe write things like " we like the way you always smile and say hi to us each sunday !" or " we love when you sing " etc etc.... then go tape all the eggs to their door and you can leave a little treat etc... and then ring the doorbell and run fast ! Don't forget to make a big egg that says " You've Been Egged !!!" It's so fun !

Song~ I Can Almost Imagine/A Child's Prayer by Kelsey Edwards
You can find more great music from Kelsey Edwards at KELSEY EDWARDS YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Prayer~ Choose A Family Member

Treat~ These cute treat bags from The Dating Divas are darling and they have a huge kit with tons of Christ Centered Easter Activities and Ideas ~ and it's cheap ;) Gotta love a good deal !!
You can go HERE to download it :)

Thanks for stopping by and seeing the different Family Home Evening Ideas I had for the #PrinceofPeace campaign. You can head over to THE RED HEADED HOSTESS and see all of the great things she has and other fun ideas from bloggers !
Here's just a few of the things she has in store for you!


I am giving away a gorgeous Print Pack from DESERET BOOK in honor of the Easter #PRINCEOFPEACE campaign !!!! Here's what you could win :

Thank you so much for stopping by ! Join us on Facebook at LDS PARENTING FB GROUP

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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Book Review ~ Worth the Wrestle by Sheri Dew

will be live until april 21 ! Go enter ! :) 

Well, the incredible Sheri Dew has done it again ! I always enjoy her talks and books and this one is no exception ! I love how the book is full of personal stories and stories from general authorities and friends and family. It makes the whole book not only fun to read, but oh so meaningful and real. 

Have you heard of " wrestling with the truth " , or " wrestling for an answer " etc ? This is the theme of Sister Dew's book, 'Worth the Wrestle'. While in college she had some hard questions brought before her. She needed answers and this set her off on a life long journey of learning to wrestle for an answer. 
She talks about how President Hinckley was always asking questions ! Oh i sure love that man, and I love the idea of him sitting at the dinner table with new friends and asking all about their lives. Asking questions is a good thing ! It's one way you learn. That is where this book begins. Teaching us that questions are good ! 

She follows this up with the chapter entitled, ' Wrestling '.  It teaches us about Spiritual wrestling.... studying and seeking and doing everything in our power to learn and to sort it out. Basically ~ the WORK involved in getting answers. 

In the book she quotes President Spencer W. Kimball as saying ,

" Why, oh, why do people think they can fathom the most complex spiritual depths without the necessary..... work accompanied by compliance with the laws that govern it ? ........"

So Sister Dew teaches us to work for our answers. 

Next step ~ Receive Answers. In this chapter Sister Dew enchants us with more great personal stories and stories of friends and family who all had questions they needed answered. I just love this about Sister Dew. She just seems like such a great normal gal ! 

One of my favorite stories in this book is in this chapter. She talks about an experience she had as a youth with many other young women her age and how President Harold B. Lee spoke to them about seeking out spiritual experiences every day ! He told them that they may not actually have a spiritual experience each day, but not to ever stop seeking to have them ! Isn't that an awesome thing ? Why am I not doing that ? :) 

Another thing that is important when receiving answers, is to open your heart. I love how Sister Dew uses many different Scripture accounts to show how very important it is to open your heart to the Prophets and Apostles and to the Scriptures and our Father in Heaven so that we can receive answers. That is where true conversion takes place. 

When the heart is not open, she tells us, then there are limits to the influence the Spirit can have on us. This rings true for me right now, as we wait for General Conference which is coming up in just a couple of days. I will definitely by opening my heart to receive answers from the Prophets and Apostles. 

I love how Sister Dew focuses on the fact that when we have the Prophets and Apostles, we have everything. We have a way to stay connected with our Father in Heaven and we know what to do to return to Him one day. 

The rest of the book follows along with chapters on : Walking By Faith, Cherishing Keys, Standing as a Witness, and she closes the book with asking the question, What is Worth Wrestling For ? That is an amazing question and like we have already learned ~ Questions are good ! Think about the things that are important to you and why you should be doing all you can to wrestle and receive answers. You will become so much closer to the Savior as you study and learn and receive answers. This book is a great read. I enjoyed it so much and I enjoyed the stories and also the important teachings that are done in a way that only Sister Dew.... can do ! :) I just love her ! 

You can purchase this book at : DESERET BOOK

A big thank you to Deseret Book for letting me review this book and for sending me a copy of it ! I'm super excited ! 


General Conference Ideas !

It's almost time !!!! I'm so excited ! General Conference is this Saturday and Sunday April 1 and 2, 2017 !
Here's a link to my Pinterest Board with tons of fun ideas ! People are so clever ;)
Happy Parenting !
Love, JL~

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

7 Day Prayer Challenge from Purpose Driven Motherhood

This is my cute as pie friend Becky Edwards. She's amazing. Here is her small list of things that describe her ~ Presenter. Mentor and Life Coach. Emotional Release Facilitator. Elite Performance Coach for 3 Key Elements. Former Seminary and Institute Teacher. Mother of Five. Gramma of Two! Blogger. Homeschooler. Former Professional Organizer. Truth Seeker and Sharer.

Ummm hello ! She is incredible ! The other night she shared with us an inspiration that she had. I even went out and bought a cute little notebook so I could begin the 7 day Prayer Challenge. I think it is going to be an incredible experience. I invite you to join in with me and we can discuss this on the Facebook Group. Without further ado ~ Here is Becky's post from her blog PURPOSE DRIVEN MOTHERHOOD 
Love, JL~
****************************************************************Last night an inspiration came to take a prayer challenge myself, and offer it to others! 

For seven days offer a prayer where you:

1) First thank Heavenly Father for ten different things. Gratitude has such delicious power to connect us with God and help us see the good we couldn't see and attract more good. 

2) Then ask for ten different things. How many times have you seen "ask" in the scriptures? Tons! God never told us, "Be sure you only ask for these three things." He said to ask for all kinds of things! Of course when you ask, it's always good to follow the Savior's pattern of saying, "Thy will be done," or "If this by Thy will." 

3) Ask one question, pause and quiet your mind, and write down any ideas or answers that come to mind. 

4) Then ask one more question: "Is there anything else Thou wants to tell me, wants me to ask for, repent or forgive for, or a person to pray for?"

If you want to take the prayer challenge to the next level, write them in your journal. 

Something about writing focuses the mind and anchors concepts deeper into our souls than just thinking or speaking them. And besides, wouldn't this make a precious seven-day journal entry to look back on? 

Wow, I just used this pattern in my own prayer journal this morning, and it was beautiful and delicious. When I asked the last question, the Spirit let me know that two different conversations I had yesterday were purposely meant to prepare me for something that's going to happen today. How cool is that? 

Here's what your journal headings may look like: 
  1. 10 Thanks
  2. 10 Asking 
  3. 1 Question
  4. 1 Anything else?

I'm excited to upgrade my prayers this way for the next seven days. How about you?  

Here are a few other questions you could add if you like. 

  • Heavenly Father, how does Thou feel about me? 
  • What are good things about me, my strengths, or my accomplishments that I may not notice ? 
  • What do you want me to work on?
  • What do you want me to know?
  • What do you want me to feel? 
  • Thanks to Ruth Haycock for suggesting these additional questions.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Book Review ~ Changed Through His Grace ~ By Brad Wilcox

I was so excited when DESERET BOOK asked me to review this beautiful book by Brad Wilcox. I knew of Brother Wilcox through his uplifting and fun talks that he has given, mostly to youth, around the world. He is an incredible man ! He first brought up the subject of grace in a talk he gave in 2011 and was later printed in the Ensign. Here is a link you will want to read it too ! DEVOTIONAL BY BRAD WILCOX

The book that Brother Wilcox has written is called ' Changed through His Grace ' and you can purchase it HERE . The theme of the book is Grace. He writes, ' I have seen grace change others. I see it changing me. '

One of the most important things, I personally feel, about this book is that it covers the definition of Grace. I am sad to admit that I did not know what true Grace was. He dedicates an entire chapter to the true definition and just in that first couple of chapters of the book, I was amazed. I was so thrilled to know that Grace is so much more than what I had thought. What a gift ! This quote shows just a small sampling of the definition that Brother Wilcox gives us :

Doesn't that just excite you ? Another thing that Brother Wilcox addresses in just the first couple of chapters is how many other churches and religious groups speak of Grace as a ' get out of jail free card'. He writes,
" Sadly, too many in the world see grace as little more than permission to sin and procrastinate rather than the power to become ' dead to sin '  and  ' born of God '. Too many live like spiritual couch potatoes and still expect God to beam them up when the time comes. "

I am so thankful that this book came in the mail when it did. I always kind of roll my eyes when I see a commercial selling a product and they say things like " this potato peeler changed my life !" We've all seen those silly commercials. But honestly, forgive me for sounding a bit like an infomercial here ~ This book came at a time in my life when I was trying so hard to get answers to prayers on many big things. This book truly did change my life and change my thought process as to how my Father in Heaven truly loves me. Grace is truly a gift ~ But we must learn to accept it ! That is another amazing point that Brother Wilcox writes about. How we want to " pay God back " for all that He has done for us. But He doesn't want us to try and do that... we could never ever do that !! He just wants us to accept his gifts.  " His joy is found in seeing us value His gift. Receiving grace is like receiving a scholarship. It doesn't guarantee learning. It facilitates it. The scholarship donor doesn't want money back. He or she wants it utilized. "

Another thing this incredible book taught me was how to relearn trust in my Savior. Brother Wilcox uses Hymns throughout the book to really teach us. It really resonated with me, as I love music so much and the lyrics to some of the hymns were just perfect for what he was teaching at that moment. It was a joy to go and listen to the hymn after reading through the chapter or section in the book that he had used it with. What a beautiful way to teach and to learn. By music and by the Word. The Scriptures that Brother Wilcox used in the book take on new meanings as you read them and compare them to what he is teaching at the moment. It was really neat to add notes into my Scriptures that have to do with the lessons in this book.

My relationship with my Savior and My Father in Heaven changed while reading this book. I truly felt changed through His Grace. I can't thank Brother Wilcox enough for taking the time and listening to the Spirit as he wrote this book. There are so many parts in the book I have highlighted with a little note in the margin to " show the kids " LOL~ It has been the main part of many of our daily Gospel lessons in my household !

Are you using the correct definition of the word Grace ? Do you accept and utilize the gifts that Heavenly Father has given you ? Do you have the relationship with Christ that you long for ? I encourage you to read this book. It is definitely one of those books where you can honestly say ~ " This changed me life ! " Not only because you read the book, but because you put Grace to work in your life.

You can purchase the book here : DESERET BOOK
You can keep up to date with Brother Brad Wilcox here : BRAD WILCOX

Hymns, no 240 states , " Our God is pleased when we improve His grace... "
I feel that when you read this book, you will learn how to please your Father in Heaven.
I say these things in the name of my Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.
By JL Kaylor

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Giveaway !!!! ~ End of the Winter Wonderland Blog Week !

     Well, we did it... finally! We are at the last day of our Winter Wonderland Blog Week . I wasn't so sure it was going to happen ! Between kids getting sick and passing kidney stones and everything else... whew ! The week is a little scattered with the first three posts on time, INTERVIEW WITH EYRES ASK IN FAITH JOURNALS and INTERVIEW WITH GARDNER QUAD SQUAD and then THE FAMILY COUNCIL JOURNAL was the next monday and now the final post and giveaway is on a wednesday - but it's done ! HAHA!!!! 

To celebrate we are having a giveaway ! We are giving away an LDS Game Pack from RISE AND SHOUT and then Lion House Brownie Mix and Juniors Giants DVD from DESERET BOOK ! All the things you need for a fun family night ! :)

First off... I need to brag a bit about Rise and Shout ~

We are so excited to present RISE AND SHOUT , a darling Etsy Shop that has printable learning and matching games that are instant downloads and you print them out and cut them and play ! They have games that are for LDS families, their are learning games and more. They have been gracious enough to give away an LDS bundle of ten games ( valued at $35 ) for a lucky reader ! Here is what it includes : 

*LDS Game (great to play standard style for FHE or classes, but also great to help listen to talks. See my blog for details: www.riseandshoutshop.com/2016/03/help-them-listen-to-general-conference.... )
* prophet game (includes all past presidents of church, plus current apostles. Great for learning to recognize names/faces)
* personal progress
* scout
* symbols of Christ (great Sabbath game)
* singing time (as primary chorister, this is a game changer. It has 31 no prep ways to sing. All my primary kids love it - from sunbeams to the 11 year olds)
* baptism (perfect as a baptism gift or 8 is Great favor or to play with 7 year olds prepping for baptism. Also great fro missionaries) 
* Word of Wisdom
* Service
* + one other game of their choice from shop (holiday, educational game)
All of my games are digital downloads that can be printed at home. Most come with 3" & 5" cards. They can be cut into circles or squares. They also come with printable storage/gift boxes. 

Thank you Melanie from RISE AND SHOUT !!! Go visit the store and enjoy !!! 

Next up we are giving away a copy of one of my families favorite movies from DESERET BOOK ~ Junior's Giants II ~ in the movie Junior is fighting a new giant ~ materialism. Mom is addicted to her new hobby scrapbooking, Dad is struggling with his new WIFI connection, Celia is running for class president, and Little Man has learned how to climb ! As always it is hilarious and teaches a lesson ~ plus its super fun for parents to watch too ! 

We are also giving away a box of Lion House Picnic Brownie Mix ~ YUM!!!! You will have everything you need to spend a cozy night together as a family ! 

I'm so thankful that you guys have joined me these past couple of weeks for Winter Wonderland Blog Week ! I hope you enjoyed it ! As always, I beg you to share, comment and enjoy parenting ! 

With Love, JL~ 

Comment below and tell me what your favorite blog post is from LDS Parenting ! ;) Easy Peasy this time for the giveaway ! 

Giveaway ends 2~24~2017 ! 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Our Family Council Journal ~ With M.Russell Ballard From Deseretbook.com ~ An Honest Review :)


     What a long title for this post ! But there is just to much to important stuff and you can't leave any of it out ! Do you ever feel that way with Family Home Evening ? Or maybe when you sit down with your family for dinner and you have so many important things to talk about and yet... everyone is flying here and there trying not to be late to whatever activity is next ? Oh man, I feel that way sometimes ! That is why I feel that Family Council is so important. We are asked to have it often and it is different than Family Home Evening - yet just as important.

     A few months ago, I did a series of posts on the 'Small and Simple' things that are so important in our family life. You can see that HERE. One of the things that I really feel I should have included is Family Council !!! We all know the regular answers - Family Prayer, Family Scripture Study, Church Meetings, etc etc. But there is one thing that I have been leaving out of my family and that needs to change ! Family Council !

     I was so excited when I contacted DESERET BOOK to ask if I could use an image in one of my blog posts and link to an audio cd they had for sale. I was completely surprised when the Marketing Director read my blog and liked it and asked if I would like a copy of the new M. Russell Ballard book they had for sale ! Umm... heck yes please !!! I got to thinking as I waited for it to come in the mail.... parenting my children with love and righteousness and trying so hard to do everything right ( and miserably failing but i try haha ! ) and I have not held Family Council with my kids. I even knew that it was important because I had read a parenting book by RICHARD AND LINDA EYRE and it talked about Family Councils and Five Facet Reviews.... and yet I still wasn't doing it !!! So I started digging in a bit more about what the General Authorities have said about holding Family Council.

     The quote I really liked was actually in the book ~ it was a quote from Elder M. Russell Ballard and this is what the journal was inspired by !
     " Family councils can be a place of unity, loyalty, and loving support and have always been needed.   The Lord has provided the council system to strengthen, protect, safeguard, and nurture our most precious relationships. The family council can provide a time during which family members can learn to understand and love one another. A simple record of these councils- kept in a book like this -may become a precious family history document in the years to come."

     My family is in love with this book. Not only does it help us to remember to actually have family council - hehe - but we absolutely love the fact that this truly will be something we can look back on and even when we struggle with something in the future or my children struggle with something in their own families they can look back in this beautiful book and see what we did to resolve the problem and there you go.... there own little parenting book :) I just love it ! We are taking turns writing in it too which is important to me... that way I have each one of my kids writing in the book also along with me and my husbands. 

     I want to leave you with this quote on why family council is so important. This is a quote from M. Russell Ballard from that awesome talk he gave in Conference in April 2016 HERE ( I recommend reading this talk all the way through or listening to it... during your next family council ) 

     " Family councils have always been needed. The are, in fact, eternal. We belonged to a family council in the premortal existence, when we lived with our heavenly parents as their spirit children. 
     A family council, when conducted with love and with Christlike attributes, will counter the impact of modern technology that often distracts us from spending quality time with each other and also tends to bring evil right into our homes. " 

You can purchase the Family Council Journal ~ HERE 

Here is a link for a fun FHE about Family Councils from LDS Living ~ HERE

Does your family hold regular family councils ? Any good tips ? Comment below !  Enjoy !!! Happy Parenting ! Love, JL~