Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Ask in Faith Mutual Theme 2017 Journals


     I'm so excited !!!! THE RED HEADED HOSTESS has published new journals for 2017 with the Mutual theme ~ Ask in Faith. I couldn't wait to get them for my kids.... my precious little babies are now - as of June this year- TEENAGERS !!!! What the heck ?! How did that happen ! Anyway, they are all in Young Women and Young Men now and these journals are absolutely perfect for them to be able to get even more out of their church experience ! I ordered the 2017 ASK IN FAITH PERSONAL PROGRESS JOURNAL , the 2017 ASK IN FAITH GOSPEL STUDY JOURNAL, and the 2017 ASK IN FAITH SUNDAY NOTES JOURNAL. I can't wait to tell you about them and tell you what my kids thought of them. You can click on the links and it will take you to the Red Headed Hostess site :) 


     We will start with Dylan - my oldest son. :) Isn't he handsome ? I gave him the 2017 ASK IN FAITH SUNDAY NOTES JOURNAL . He really likes it ! He's not to big on writing and he actually sat down Sunday after church and wrote in the journal. I can't tell you how happy I was ! He not only was doing something appropriate for the Sabbath day - but he was writing !!!! Woohoo! Double happiness ! 
Here is an example of the cover and the inside : 

     The journal is arranged by monthly Come Follow Me topics and gives the youth a place to write about church classes ! 

     Next up is Marlee who is 14 years old. Marlee is a bit of an overachiever haha! She is 14 and just finished Personal Progress in December! So she was a perfect fit for the 2017 ASK IN FAITH GOSPEL STUDY JOURNAL . Marlee loves to write. She's a published author of 4 sweet books she wrote last year. They are really cute. The Gospel Study Journal was a perfect fit. She loves church and loves anything with writing. Here is a picture of just one little part of her book and a picture of the cover :

Sweet Marlee wrote in this after her first Sunday with the journal ! 

This journal is a daily journal that asks a question about the Mutual theme each day. Also on Sundays, their is a gospel topic study and a place for Sunday notes ! It's so neat ! 


     My baby Sydney just turned 12 this past summer and is just starting Personal Progress. I was so excited to get her the 2017 ASK IN FAITH DAILY JOURNAL PERSONAL PROGRESS EDITION . She loved it from the beginning. She immediately put it in her Sunday binder... she has all of her Young Women and Sunday School handouts and books in a binder that she bought herself with her allowance. She decorated the front and keeps it in her church bag so that everything she needs is right there !

Sydney's church binder with her Ask in Faith Personal Progress Journal :) 

Here is a pic of the inside and also the cover :) 

This is a daily journal with a question each day that involves the Mutual theme. Then on Sundays there is a customized Personal Progress experience that they can work on and it's built right into the journal... even if it's one that takes more than just a day to complete ! That is so awesome! There are also areas for class notes from Sunday :) 


     We cannot say enough good things about these journals. My younger self is soooo jealous that my kids have these and I didn't when I was in Young Women !!!! For Young Women presidencies - their is a group discount at checkout if you are interested in getting these for your girls !! 

     We all love THE RED HEADED HOSTESS - she is ridiculously talented and has brought us all joy and such a love for Scripture Study with her other products etc. She really has something for everyone in her shop. There are Primary helps, Sunday School helps, personal Scripture Study helps and family Scripture Study it is just an amazing gift that she has blessed us with .... taking her creativity and love for the Gospel and making it into a fun store full of great things for us ! You can also follow her blog here : BLOG and it is full of wonderful articles about so many different things. I can't say enough good things about her ! I am really thankful that I was able to get these journals and I did get them at a discount so that I could review them and my kiddos could be honest about them haha ! ~ They honestly only had good things to say and you will see why if you were to order these for your kiddos. I want one actually...... LOL! 

Happy Parenting ! Love, JL~ 


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