Friday, June 23, 2017

Celebrate Dad Every Day !

Father's Day has come and gone for another year. I had started out all fired up to write a fantastic Father's Day post, but life happened. Then I wondered.... why do we just have to celebrate Dad on Father's Day ? Why am I so worried about making sure this blog post goes out before Father's Day ??? Why can't we celebrate Dad every day ??? Guess what.... we can. I was happily taught by one of my readers, that we can do whatever we want ! If we want to write about Fathers on a day other than Father's Day.... well why the heck not ?? I love it. I love Dads. I love my hubby who I personally believe is the best Daddy ever !!!! 

One of the most incredible quotes from this new book I'm about to tell you about, by Elder D. Todd Christofferson ~ is this : 

" The perfect, divine expression of fatherhood is our Heavenly Father. His character and attributes include abundant goodness and perfect love. His work and glory are the development, happiness, and eternal life of His children. Fathers in this fallen world can claim nothing comparable to the Majesty on High, but at their best, they are striving to emulate Him, and they indeed labor in His work. They are honored with a remarkable and sobering trust. "    ~ Elder D. Todd Christofferson 

I could go on all day about the many things in this one, small quote that touch me to my very soul. There are many children ~ even adult children ~ who are either growing up or did grow up with a father who is nothing like our Father in Heaven. There are children who have lived their lives feeling like their Heavenly Father is just like their father on earth ~ and to them that is a terrifying thought. We have such important jobs to do on this earth, as parents in Zion. Fathers need to show their children that not only do they have a father here on earth who is completely and utterly in love with them and will do absolutely anything to make sure they are safe and happy~ but that they have an incredible Father in Heaven, who has not only created them, but loves them with a perfect love. Who loves them more than we can ever, ever comprehend. Fathers need to teach their children about their Father in Heaven and how important He is. He is everything. They need to teach their children about their Brother in Heaven and how Heavenly Father loved them sooo very much that He actually let His son Jesus die for them. So that they can be with Him for eternity. Fathers need to teach their children that THEY want to be with them through eternity. Fathers need to do their best to emulate their loving Father in Heaven , just like the quote states. Such a beautiful quote and so many things to think about. Let's celebrate fathers every day. 

 So here are some fun ideas to use when you want to surprise Dad ~ any day of the year. You can hide things in his lunchbox, put a note on his pillow, present him with a present just because. Help him to know that he is valuable and of worth to you every single day of the year !! 

Elder D. Todd Christofferson has now published a beautiful book for Fathers. It is based off on one of his awesome talks and the pictures are beautiful. I will actually be doing a giveaway for this book... and then you can purchase it here : DESERET BOOK

The good folks at Deseret Book have explained it the very best way : 

    " "Fathers are fundamental in the divine plan of happiness," writes Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. "I want to raise a voice of encouragement for those who are striving to fill well that calling. I wish to focus on the good that men can do in the highest of masculine roles: husband and father."
Based on his "Fathers" talk, given during the April 2016 general conference, this thoughtful new book contains insights and inspiration about the eternal role of men. Complete with beautiful photography and typography, The Good That Men Can Do uplifts, encourages, and honors husbands and fathers of all ages and walks of life as they share responsibility with our Heavenly Father to nurture His children. " 

I actually sat down and read through this book with my cute hubby. It was really neat. I love the talks in Conference etc about Fathers. It makes me feel so incredibly proud of my husband and makes me feel so thankful that he is such an incredible daddy. 

The next thing is from the Dating Divas Website... holy moly they are so stinking fun !!!! You have to check out their website. Plus they have a ton of cute ideas for you and hubby to have fun date nights. This particular thing I'm highlighting is sort of for Fathers Day.... but I love this idea to do these cute things just any day.... that is what we are doing ! Celebrating Dads every day !!! Use these cute things to surprise him ! 

Father's Day Breakfast Printables

Follow the link above to make this super special breakfast for DAD ~ On a day he would never suspect it !!!!!! That is fun ! :)

Another great gift for the whole family... but def for Dad ~ A subscription to Living Scriptures Streaming Library. There are not only the regular animated movies you would expect.. but there are these movies also :

The Saratov Approach

Granite Flats

The Cokeville Miracle

17 Miracles

Mobsters and Mormons

The Best Two Years

The RM

Baptists at our Barbequeno
The Singles Ward

Plus more :) It's only $5 for your first month thanks to my awesome referral link woohoo ! Then it's only $10 a month... and I know I've gone over a million times all of the fun things that it includes... 200 plus movies, activity pages and quizzes and coloring pages and FHE lessons etc etc... but you know that ;)

What about putting this cute as can be pillow on his side of the bed for him to find when he goes to bed after a long day at work ?? This particular item is a pillow case type thing... but I love it because its CHEAP!! And honestly... how cute is it ??? SUPER CUTE FOR SUPER DAD !!! Here's the link : SUPER DAD PILLOW COVER

 This book just looks really really good. It would be fun to put it in his church bag, or maybe in his vehicle for him to find. What an incredible group of examples and I always love books that tell real stories about real people. It makes me feel like if they can do it... I can do it. Here's a link where you can find it at a good price : LIFE LESSONS FROM FATHERS OF FAITH

This super sweet website has a really cute free Super Dad's coupon book for kids to give daddy. They have two options... a blank coupon book ( with a list of ideas just in case they need some help ) and an option where the coupons are already made up... like the picture above has a coupon good for breakfast in bed ! FUN ! Not only is it a fun little surprise for Dad... but it teaches the kiddos to serve their daddy. He serves and provides and loves them all of the time. It is an incredible lesson to teach them to serve him also. :) Here is the link for the free coupon book : SUPER DAD COUPON BOOK

These are just some fun ideas of things to surprise dad any day of the year. Daddies are important !!!! Let's teach our children to take time each day to tell daddy how much they love him, and to do little sweet surprises for him every now and then :) Do you remember the song, " I'm so glad when daddy comes home " that's in the children's songbook ?? I love that song !!! Another good idea ~ have your kids memorize the song and when daddy comes home from work sing it to him !!! Make sure to pat his cheeks and give him what ?? A great, big kiss !!!!!

Happy Parenting ! Love, JL~

Disclaimer ~ some of these ideas are affiliate links and some are not... but rest assured... I adore them all !!! ;)

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

On A Personal Note ~ Marlee's Miracle

Marlee finally getting to head home from St Louis Children's Hospital June 2016

Sometimes I like to get a little personal here on LDS Parenting. As we are now into the month of June ~ my mind has been full of memories of where we were last year at this time. We were terrified ~ our daughter Marlee was so incredibly sick, we weren't sure if she would live. There was a time where we went to her doctor and he rushed her to St Louis Childrens Hospital and as she was being wheeled out the nurses were crying because they thought she wasn't ever coming back. :( 

Even though the entire month of June 2016 was incredibly emotional, scary, and exhausting ~ there were miracles. I would like to share this store with you as a celebration of Marlee's life ~ she is alive, she is doing good with her lung function, and she is happy. We are so blessed that Heavenly Father spared her life. 

About 2 weeks before Young Women Girls Camp past year, Marlee got a cold. No big deal, it didn't even require any meds, it was just annoying to her. Soon tho, it turned into much more and we started what would be, a month full of doctor appointments, ER visits, and an admission to STL Children's Hospital for specialized care. 

At the ER that night, she was happy to see that it was her Best Friend's dad who was taking care of her. She felt much more comfy. Unfortunately, X-RAY showed pneumonia. But they were able to get her started on antibiotics that normally treat pneumonia no problem. We thought we had caught it and that she would take her antibiotics and be better in a few days and ready to head to Girls Camp. 

      Marlee resting in the recliner ~ her spot for the month of June ~ in this picture, she was already on oxygen and struggling to breathe. 

After a couple of days on the antibiotics, we were shocked because Marlee was not getting better ~ She was getting worse. Much worse. She couldn't move from the recliner except to be practically carried to the bathroom. She was so incredibly weak she could hardly hold her head up. The fevers started ~ some reaching as high as 106 degrees. A quick call to her Best Friends dad and he told us that we needed to watch how she acted, not necessarily go by the numbers. We were able to get her through the horrid high fevers by covering her in cool wet wash clothes because she was to weak to get into the shower or tub. We had her doped up on Motrin and we used Peppermint Essential Oil from doTERRA to try sooo hard to make her more comfy. 

After a couple days of this, with the coughing that made her throw up, the high fevers, and the terrifying weakness ~ we knew it was time to head back to the ER. One of the reasons we knew it was time, was we hooked her up to her Pulse/OX machine ~ A machine that measures your pulse and your oxygen level. Of course we want our oxygen level to be 100%. Marlee has a disease that causes her O2 level to drop when she sleeps so we have oxygen for her to sleep with. She does great that way. But we do have the equipment to hook her up to , in order to make sure that she is safe. We hooked her up to her O2 machine and this is what we saw :

The top number is her pulse. The bottom number, in green, is her oxygen level. It wasn't safe. :( Marlee has an alarm on her pulse/ox that goes off if she goes below 95 % oxygen. That is just what the doctor set as her safe levels. Obviously, the alarm was going nuts. We headed back to the ER. The doctor at the ER was very busy I guess, because he just kind of looked her over real quick and said she had a cough. yup~ she did have a cough ! That was about it. He sent her home. We were incredibly frustrated at that point and we went ahead and put Marlee's oxygen on her full time. We had to keep her safe. That is what parents have to do sometimes. 

I begged Marlee to please let me call the Missionaries and have them give her a blessing. Even though she was scary sick, and was in pain and felt awful ~ she told me that she didn't want to bother the missionaries, because there was surely someone who needed them more. She loves them and didn't want to bug them because she was worried they would come to be with her for a bit, and miss being with someone who needed them. I was proud of her for thinking of others, but I was so upset and scared. I went into the bedroom and just fell to my knees begging Heavenly Father to please please take care of her, to please heal her, and keep her alive. 

A few minutes later I realized that I had left something I needed in our Jeep, so I stepped outside to grab it and who did I see walking down our street ???? Yep. The Missionaries. I waved real big lol, a huge smile and just wanting to cry with happiness and grateful ! They came over and I basically attacked them blubbering and crying ! I prayed you would come !!! I kept saying ! I prayed so hard ! Marlee is deathly ill and wont let me call you to come give her a blessing because she is afraid someone else needs you more !!!! They told me that they were out walking and  just felt very strongly to turn down my street !!!! They came in and gave Marlee the most beautiful blessing. It was a miracle to me, that they had listened to the Spirit and that they came to us when we couldn't call them to come. I will forever pray that those boys will be blessed !!! 

A couple of days later, we were at the point where she could barely even sit up on the potty without me holding her on there, she couldn't eat, wasn't drinking enough, couldn't stay awake, and it was terrifying. Time to call her doctor again. We headed up to see him. I had to get a wheelchair and hook her oxygen onto it just to get her out of the car and into the waiting room, They took one look at her and took her straight back ~ they have been taking care of my kiddos since they were little. Marlee was almost 14 at the time and due to her many health issues that she was born with, they all know her very well at the doctor office and love her just like we love them. Her doctor came rushing in , took one look at her and said, i'm going to listen to her lungs, and then we are going to get her admitted down to st louis childrens. He listened to just her left lung first, and yelled out " marlee you sound horrible! You sound like theres a bunch of horse meat that has been ground up and thrown into your lung !" He had succeeded in getting the first tiny smile out of Marlee that we had seen in over a week. We got her wheeled back towards the waiting room and he called St Louis and got things set up, while the nurses and receptionists came and gave Marlee hugs and there were tears shed, I found out later, that they had all been crying because they thought it would be the last time they would ever see Marlee :( 

We were lucky to be able to drive Marlee straight to St Louis ~ we just couldn't mess around we had to get straight there, no stops. As we pulled in to the hospital, this Medi~Vac Helicopter was landing at the same time. We started realizing, just how incredibly serious this was

Once we were settled in the hospital, they began testing ...... and more testing and more etc etc. We knew she had pneumonia and that she was terribly ill, but what we soon found out was that she had a scary atypical pneumonia and they would have to try a couple of different medicines to see if it would respond. We also found out that her left lung was completely not functioning. They called in her kidney specialists - her Nephrologist and her Urologist, and it was lucky because they were right there in the hospital. Soon we added in things for her kidneys, to make sure that they would stay functioning, because that was a worry of theirs that with her being so incredibly ill, her kidneys would shut down. We were thankful, because even tho they lost some function, they still worked and it was safe. After the testing, she was able to sleep and then followed a few days of multiple treatments and trying so hard to get her better and safe. 

One of the things that was mentioned in her blessing from the missionaries was that she needed to be faithful in reading the Scriptures. She took this to heart as she takes any commandment given from God. She is such an amazing Spiritual young woman. So even when she was basically unconscious ~ she made me promise that even if she was to sick to open her eyes or talk, please make sure that I read the Scriptures to her each night. So that first night at the hospital, and the second night, when she was pretty much unconscious ~ I would sit beside her bed and read from the Scriptures. I almost wonder if Heavenly Father had her do that, so that it would keep her mommy calm ! It's hard to be panicky and terrified that your daughter is going to die ~ when you are quietly reading the Scriptures out loud, knowing that somehow, she is listening. It brought such a sweet spirit to the room and to my heart. It was one of the only times that I was completely calm in my heart. As a mother, her sweet and obedient faith really hit me hard and made me so incredibly proud of her and so grateful for her. We were blessed because on the second full day she started to feel the teeniest bit better. Then on the third full day, she was able to sit up for awhile !

The next day after she woke up..... we were able to take this picture and send it to family and friends : 

Do you notice anything missing ????? NO OXYGEN ON HER FACE!!!
WOOHOO! She could now breathe without supplemental oxygen. She was responding to the medication. 

We finally felt like we were possibly going to be ok. She was much more perkier and was breathing so much better and felt better. We settled in for a day of watching movies and doing some crafts, she was finally able to sit up and do some activities ! 

She looks so much better !!!! 

We were blessed to be released from the hospital a couple of days later. Our sweet Marlee~girl, was safe and would be okay. We went back to her regular doctor and there were more tears, as she walked in to see everyone. No more wheelchairs !!!!! 

We weren't really prepared for how intense the recovery period would be. She still ran out of breathe super easy, she tired out very very quickly, she couldn't be in humid air or cold air and she wasn't able to take a shower until almost 6 months later, because the humid wet water and steam made it so she couldn't breathe. It took a good two months, just to be able to feel a bit normal. She was put on medicine for Reactive Airway Disease, a side effect from the Atypical Pneumonia and her lung losing function. 

Now here we are, a full year from when she was first diagnosed with pneumonia. At the very beginning. I can't help but see the miracles, the beautiful faith that she had , and the amazing miracles that a mother's desperate prayer brought. It will still be awhile before she is completely one hundred percent back to the way she was before the pneumonia. She is still on medication for Reactive Airway Disease and she still has days where she needs to rest. But I'm totally ok with that !!!! 

Miracles are not dead. There are miracles every single day and I rejoice in them. Heavenly Father truly loves us so incredibly much and He is so involved in our lives !!! I'm so thankful for missionaries, who live in a way that they can listen to the Spirit and follow the directions that they are given. I'm so thankful for the Priesthood. What an incredible blessing it is. I'm thankful for the Scriptures, for their instruction, and for the beautiful peace I feel when reading them. I'm thankful for my daughter. Do not ever , ever take your children for granted. Please ! Go hug them right now and tell them how much they mean to you !!! It will make them smile ;) 

A few months ago , Marlee completed her Personal Progress. She is 14. She finished the entire program in two years and is now almost finished with her first Honor Bee. She is incredible. She's happy and living the Gospel. What an incredible example she is to me. I love her so much, my sweet Marlee Sarah Beth. Here is a pic of her with the necklace she received for completing her Personal Progress. 
With Love, JL~

Marlee Sarah Beth Kaylor ( my hero ) with her Personal Progress pendant

Monday, June 5, 2017

FHE ~ Fasting and Testimonies

     With Fast and Testimony Meeting being yesterday ~ I realized that my teenage son has been " forgetting " that it is Fast and Testimony Sunday. So I realized that it was time to go over again, why Fasting is so very important. I decided to have FHE on that subject. As I was preparing a lesson, it just confirmed in my heart how very special this gift is that Heavenly Father has given us. It is a gift to be able to make a sacrifice for our Father in Heaven and also, to be able to share our Testimonies with our brothers and sisters in Sacrament. Here is what I've come up with ! 

Prayer ~ 
Song~ Childrens Songbook 14 ~ I Kneel to Pray
Lesson ~ 

Yesterday was Fast and Testimony meeting in Sacrament ! We were blessed to hear the testimonies of our brothers and sisters in our branch/ward. We invite you to fast with us on the First Sunday of each month. 

 Tonight we are going to talk about Fasting and Prayer and then have a special family Testimony Meeting. First we are going to go to our Family Calendar and we are going to put a special sticker on each Saturday before Fast and Testimony Sunday. That way when we see the sticker, we know it is a special weekend and it is time to prepare to fast ! 
~ ( I am just going to use little cheap star stickers I found at the bottom of our craft drawer ! But it is important that we put something on the calendar to remind us all that it is time to prepare to fast. That is one reason I did this lesson for FHE ~ My son was using the excuse, that he forgot it was Fast and Testimony Sunday. )

Fast and Testimony Sunday is such a special day. We observe it the first Sunday of every month. We are asked to Fast for a full 24 hours ! That seems like a really long time, but the blessings are so worth it ! 

To Fast is to to without food or drink for a full 24 hours - while spending time in prayer and attending our Church meetings and paying our Fast Offering. If we just go without food and drink - we are just hungry. If we go without food and drink, while praying often and being in a lovely spirit of fasting, where we talk with our Father in Heaven and we go to our Church meetings and we pay the Fast Offering to help others ~ we will receive the blessings of the Fast. 

What are some blessings of Fasting ? Let's talk about that ! 
* We will have a much stronger relationship with our Father in Heaven ~ we all want that ! 
* We will be forgiven of our sins, if we repent in the way He asks us too.
* We can receive personal revelation , or special messages just for us from Heavenly Father when we pray and ask questions ! 
* Sometimes, we can receive healing and even miracles, if it is what Heavenly Father wants from us. It is a beautiful thing to Fast for someone or yourself, who is needing help with a big problem, or is really sick. It sure makes us all feel better ! 
* When we are struggling with temptations, we can Fast and ask for help with overcoming and avoiding those temptations
* It's good for our health to Fast once a month - it can even help us to be stronger physically 
* It is good for us to practice self-discipline and we can do that by Fasting. 
* When we Fast and we donate our Fast Offerings, the money goes to families who are in need. It really makes us feel love and compassion for those who are in need, knowing that we have sacrificed and Fasted and donated the money we would have spent in food, to them. It is such a beautiful feeling. 

     Another big blessing of Fasting, is we get the opportunity to share our Testimony in Sacrament on Fast and Testimony Sunday ! It can seem kind of scary at first, talking in front of all of those people, but just remember that they love you and are excited to hear your Testimony ! Heavenly Father is so proud of you when you share your Testimony and it is helpful to all who hear it. 

Here are some tips for sharing your Testimony : 
* Fast before you share your Testimony on Sunday ~ we just talked about Fasting , but did you know that when you Fast before you share you Testimony, it becomes quite powerful! 
President Eyring taught us , " ..........By our fast, we both keep our covenant to care for others, and we prepare to keep our covenant to bear testimony." WOW !!! How cool is that ? 

* We need to make sure to keep our Testimony simple and pure. We shouldn't get up there and tell funny stories, or tell everyone about our fantastic trip to Disneyland, or go up there and give a twenty minute talk! We need to remember that we are bearing our Testimony to help others follow the Gospel and have faith. So we need to keep it simple and pure. :) 

* Some of the things that we can share in our Testimonies is how we know that God lives and that Jesus lives and that they love us. We can share that we believe in the Book of Mormon, and that we know President Monson is a real true Prophet of God ! We can give powerful testimonies when we are being pure and true and sharing our love for the Gospel and the things we know in our hearts to be true. That is a beautiful Testimony! 

* Sometimes when we bear our Testimony or we hear others do it, we say things like " I love that we have the Book of Mormon"  or " I believe the Gospel is true. That is a good thing, for sure! But we need to be strong and proclaim that WE KNOW! We KNOW the Book of Mormon is true. We KNOW that Joseph Smith was a true prophet. Doesn't it make you feel really strong and proud when we proclaim that we KNOW something is true ? 

* My last tip ~ Share your Testimony often !!!! We need to make sure to not just say it in Sacrament Meeting on Fast and Testimony Sunday, but we need to bear it often ! Share your Testimony with your family , like we will be doing tonight ! Share it with friends, or even online ! Share it with extended family. We are so blessed to have the Gospel, we need to rejoice in it and share it with others ! A wonderful way of doing this, is to share our Testimony often. :) 

Why do we pay Fast Offerings ? We talked about this earlier, but we take the money that we would have spent on food for our 24 hour Fasting time, and we give it to Fast Offerings at church. It is easy, we just use a tithing envelope and we check " Fast Offerings " and put our money in and then give it to our Bishop etc just like tithing ! 
We are blessed to be able to help others when we pay our Fast Offerings. Elder Joseph B. Worthlin taught that : " Fast offerings are used for one purpose and one purpose only : to bless the lives of those in need. Every dollar given to the Bishop as a fast offering goes to assist the poor. " 
Wow! Isn't that incredible ? We truly are taking care of one another when we Fast and give our Fast Offerings ! It sure feels amazing to be able to help those in need and love and care for them. 

I would like to close by sharing this neat story from Heather at WOMEN IN THE SCRIPTURES . 
She had been taught that fasting helps the poor. But she didn't really understand how. One day she was in college and she was fasting during a class and this neat experience happened to her : 

" As I sat in class with my hungry tummy rumbled and the thought came to me, " Would you be willing to go hungry so that someone who was starving could eat ? " 
It was then that the connection between fasting and caring for the poor became clear to me. I realized that my going without food wasn't just about mastering my physical body or personal suffering. I was voluntarily sacrificing what I had , and what I wanted, on behalf of another. I was going hungry so that someone else could have food to eat. I was suffering so that someone else didn't have to. That was a powerful realization for me and forever changed how I viewed fasting. " 

Isn't that true ? We really do have the opportunity to Fast so that we can help someone else have something to eat. We not only get blessed by Fasting, but we get to bless others ! It truly is so much more than just being hungry and thirsty for a day. We receive the most amazing blessings, like the ones we talked about earlier and many more, and we get to share our Testimony which is also something that is a huge blessings, and we get to love and care for others who don't have as much as we have. We get to love them as Jesus does. I want to invite you to fast with us this next Fast and Testimony Sunday, we can experience this as a family, and enjoy the blessings of it together. You can come and talk to mommy and daddy any time if you have any questions about fasting and whether you are ready to begin fasting. :) I say these things in the name of thy son, Jesus Christ, Amen. ~ 

Family Testimony Meeting ~ We would like to give everyone an opportunity to share their Testimony tonight. ( You can pray first to invite the Spirit, you can dim the lights or light some candles to make it feel really special ~ if you have a karaoke machine I know this sounds silly, but ours has a microphone that you can just talk into and it goes through the speakers etc, have a parent welcome them to the Family Testimony Meeting and they can start off by bearing their Testimony so that the children get a good idea of what's going to happen, then you can either open it up for anyone to go bear their testimony or you can ask each individual child etc if they would like to bear their testimony , either way, be prepared because this is a mega spiritual and tender thing for a family to do together !!!! ) 

Activity ~ ( and treat ! ) GOSPEL GRAB BAG has the neatest lesson on Fasting and they have a cute little printout to help you remember why you Fast and it is a Pizza !!!! So cute ! For my FHE, I ended up just making pizza for the family for dinner, and we talked about the things it stood for : 

P ~ Pay Fast Offering
I ~ Invite the Spirit with prayer.
Z~ Zip on past the kitchen ! 
Z~ Zap hunger by reading the Scriptures
A~ Ask Heavenly Father for Strength 

Cute huh!!!! It is linked above where it says Gospel grab bag.

Close your Family Home Evening with a prayer ~ Don't forget to bless the food, and enjoy! :) 

Love , JL~ 
Happy Parenting ! 

Another resource you can use for Fasting is : 

You will have access to a TON of FHE lessons, with activity pages, quizzes, plus all of the Living Scriptures movies and audio plus more ! SO WORTH IT ! Use this link and you receive 50% off your first month and it's only 9.99 a month after that ~ trust me, it's invaluable. We love it so much and wish this had been an option for us when our kids were really little. Download to any device, and you can use it offline too for car rides etc... so worth it people !!! LOL ~ Love, JL~ 

The Red Headed Hostess : 


It's only 4.50 regular.... but if you combine it with some other products to make your order over 10.00 - you get 15% off !!! Here are some ideas for other products to combine it with : 

5.00 before the discount ~ use this for your family to memorize the Articles of Faith together ! 

4.50 before the discount ~ could be a good FHE for after you do this FHE on Fasting :)