Friday, July 14, 2017

Pioneer Day Activity and FHE (UPDATED)

* Pioneer Day Activity *
This is a fun activity idea for just a few friends and neighbors or for a primary/ward activity.
Send out cute invitations and you are gonna have a blast!
* Have kids bring their bikes, wagons, scooters, etc
* They will be decorating them with red, white, and blue streamers, etc ( walmart has streamers etc for 54 cents! Dollar stores also have fun decorations too!)
* Flags, etc ,and the kids can cut stars etc out from construction paper. This will be for the patriotic parade at the end of the activity. :)
* Make pies- each kid will have a little aluminum foil pan ( they have these at walmart etc in shapes like stars, etc or just circles)
- have dough made up already , here's an easy RECIPE  from Iheartnaptime, scoop dough into pie pan, then have child choose their choice of filling - cherry, apple, blueberry etc , you can buy the big cans of pie filling at the store quite cheaply.
* you can top with more dough then have them sprinkle some sugar on top, these can bake while they do the other activities.
* Do a small presentation on the pioneers... you can use the FHE that is at the bottom of this post if you'd like... here's a LINK
* Pioneer sing-along : have kids gather around and make instruments out of cardboard shoe boxes and rubber bands, maracas from cans and beans ( water bottles work well for this too) and then put on the primary cd's to the pioneer songs and sing along and play their instruments while gathered outside in a circle the way the pioneers did at nighttime.
* Play pioneer games : duck duck goose, button button whose got the button, hoop and stick ( hula hoop with stick from paint store, the ones you stir the paint with)
* Old time photo shoot : Have various pioneer attire, bonnets, straw hats etc then have a "set" an old wooden box etc, and have the families pose one family at a time, then take their picture with a digital camera set in the sepia tone.... makes it look antique.
* Have kiddos eat their pies ( you can also serve other refreshments too of course, look up pioneer recipes etc. )
* Ending event!! The Patriotic Parade!! Have kids ride their bikes, scooters, wagons, strollers, etc and have the kids hold their little flags if they don't want to ride and have a parade!!!!

Closing prayer and then your done! It's alot of fun! :) It's such a blessing to us to have this legacy of the pioneers and their courage, faithfulness, and examples.

                                                                       image from pinterest

Pioneer Day FHE :

LIVING SCRIPTURES has made this easy on us ~ they have hundreds of fun FHE's for the whole family and the one for Pioneer Day is all about the Handcart Pioneers. What an incredible legacy those pioneers gave us. I always tell my kids when we complain about something.... think of the pioneers !! ;) You can check out the FHE for Pioneer Day from Living Scriptures HERE ! ENJOY!!!! You can also watch the entire Docudrama of the Restoration when you get the Living Scriptures STREAMING LIBRARY  - enjoy 50% off your first month on me ;) It's under ten bucks a month after that ! ;)

Just a quick closing note ~ I hope this is helpful and that everyone has a fantastic Pioneer Day ! Our family enjoys it... our daughter Marlee was born on July 24th :) Happy Parenting ! Love, JL~

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