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Hi ! I'm JL ~ Owner of LDSParenting. A few years ago I was having a simple medical procedure done when the doctor made a mistake and it almost cost me my life. I ended up being paralyzed for months and have now endured years of excruciating pain and anxiety and immune system issues. While I was laying in bed unable to get up and take care of my children, right after the accident , I asked Heavenly Father what I was supposed to do now ?!! I was promised in a blessing that I would be able to take care and raise my children. So I clung to that. I also knew that I was to start a blog for LDS Parents . To encourage each other and to learn. That is how LDSParenting was born.

A couple of years ago, a dear friend who knew of my health issues asked if she could send me some samples of essential oils, ones that were good for the different health issues I was personally going through.
I'm so glad I said yes ! Fast forward to now and I use oils daily , not only for myself , but for my children. My daughter has multiple genetic health issues and diseases and she immediately goes to the oil drawer when she needs extra help. She still takes her regular medications from the doctor - she wouldn't live if she didn't take them. But she knows that if she needs some help with muscle pain, she can use Deep Blue oil. When her kidneys are hurting and the medicine just isn't working fast enough, she can go straight for the lemon and lemongrass oils. I know that when I'm having anxiety and panic attacks, I can go straight for my Serenity oil to help ease my mind. We are so blessed to have the oils and the supplements and other products in our lives.

If you are interested.... I can help you too! I would love to email with you and get to know you and your health or emotional worries. Together we can come up with a plan to help you and support you to better health and emotional health.

There's more ! Do you have the dream of working from home ? I sure did ! My husband and I wanted so badly to work from home together so we could raise our babies and be there together with them. We were young and naive tho - first we sent money off to be sent the supplies to stuff envelopes at home. Yup, we fell for it ! I waited and waited for a big box of envelope stuffing supplies to show up at our door ! Finally we received a letter from the company.... telling us that if we just marketed the envelope stuffing company just like they did.... then people would send us money just like we sent them ! And we would just have to stick a stamp on the letter and mail it to them ! We would be millionaires in no time ! Ugh :(

Next we invested in a very expensive program teaching us how to buy houses for pennies on the dollar and then flip them to make money ! I listened to every single tape on how to do that. I read through all the books it came with. We even went to a couple of " on the courthouse steps " sales ..... and not one of those houses that went up for sale were pennies on the dollar :(

I tried multiple direct sales companies throughout the years. I always had success with them.... but I felt like I wasn't doing anything to really help people. Did their kids really need a 50 dollar toy ?? Would their entire life change by using this particular shade of lipstick ? Now I'm not against those businesses... heck I buy the stuff still ! I love it !!! But for me personally, I just didn't feel like I was helping people.

Today I get to help people in a way that to me , personally, feels just right. I love it when I tell someone about an oil or product from doTERRA that might help them.... and they call me and say " Holy cow JL you were right !!!!" and then it's on! They are so excited and want to know more ! So I teach them more and get them started learning about it so they can really help their families ! :)

Guess what - I make money doing this. Truth ! You can make money from it too and you don't have to call people randomly or have a certain amount of orders for that month or keep a ton of product stocked up etc etc etc.... I do most of my work from my cell phone. I'm so not joking - it's so freaking awesome !!!!

If you want to know more... send me an email at or like my FB page @JLKaylorOils.

You can visit my doTERRA website at and take a peek at all the cool things we offer !

Oh and the best part ~ It's a wholesale membership - like Sam's or Costco. You pay a yearly fee ( sooo cheap too!!! ) and you get wholesale prices for the whole year. That's it ! How cool is that ?????

I can't wait to get to know you and help you! Love, JL~

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