Thursday, July 7, 2011

Family Camping Night

It's summer time! Summer is the perfect time to take your precious family time and spend it outside! A good activity- a family camping night! For those of you with little bitty ones, you don't actually have to stay the night in a tent in your backyard, but at least do some of the activities!
Set up a tent if you have one, if not, just get a blanket out and have a seat! ( don't forget bug spray... may I suggest AVONS bug guard ? yes i sell AVON lol) anywho.... There are so many activities you can do! Catch fireflies. Try to guess what animals and sounds you are hearing, stargaze. Build a small campfire if it is allowed in your town, or if you live in the country go for it! smores, baked potatoes, etc. If once again it is allowed in your state, try out some sparklers ( altho Im actually afraid of sparklers, my kids love them, so PLEASE BE CAREFUL!) There are many neat stargazing websites out there, try to identify some constellations and learn about them! Sing campfire songs! Kum bay ya anyone???? Grab some flashlights and play flashlight tag. If at the end of the night you would like to bring a little spirituality into it, there is an awe-inspiring feeling of sitting quietly together as a family under the big beautiful sky that our Heavenly Father has created, and sharing things we love about each other, the gospel, our testimonies or about the things we see around us that we have been blessed with.
If you are brave, then sleep outside in your tent! You still are close to bathrooms that are clean ( well, at least cleaner then some of the state parks if your house is like mine :) and don't forget to take pictures! Have fun!!

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