Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Family Reading Time



I like to think of the times when families would gather round the fireplace in the evening and have family reading time. Maybe they would pop some popcorn or play a game. The momma would be knitting, the daddy would read, the kids would be laying on the rug with the family dog imagining the stories as they listened to their father's soothing voice.

We do family reading time some evenings in our home. I wish it was every evening, but we all have things to work on. It started out that I was going to read from this list of children's classics. we read quite a few books that way! Now that they are older I'm using this amazing list from one of my all time favorite websites www.schoolofabraham.com we actually use the site for alot of our homeschool stuff too. It is an inspired site with everything on it you can think of.

They have an entire page just for family reading time.

school of abraham


Seriously, the best website. Go check it out.


Another neat website that we have used is :  http://www.oldfashionededucation.com/

books on shelf

There you can find thousands of free books that are neatly categorized into things like classics, helps for moms and dads, american history, etc. It is well worth the time to go look!

“The reading habit is most valuable in life. I mean by that the practice of using a little time, say half an hour a day, in the systematic reading of worthwhile literature. The mind is opened to precious fields of thought; the achievements of the ages become ours; even the future takes form. As the mind and spirit are fed by well chosen reading, comfort, peace and understanding come to the soul. Those who have not tried it, have missed a keen and easily accessible joy.

“Moreover a person who engages in such a regular daily reading, if only a few minutes a day, in the course of a few years becomes a learned man. But it must be a regular daily habit. … Some of the best educated men that I have ever met have never been to college but have acquired the habit of daily reading of good books for a few minutes a day.”5

( Seek ye out of the best books by Dean Jarman , Ensign august 1974)

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