Monday, July 25, 2011

FHE Monday: Teaching Children To Work

Opening Prayer

Opening Song:  When we’re helping  page 198 of Children’s songbook

Lesson:   LESSON

Other ideas:
*Make a list of household jobs ( both indoors and out) remind children that we each have a role and responsibility in our family and that they need to be proud of their jobs !
*Go to and print out a cute free chore chart ( this is such a neat site and resource, look around while you’re there)
*Go over the household jobs and add them to your chart. Remember to take into account your child’s age etc. Each family is different, on whether they offer allowances, incentives etc. for completing chores…. talk that over with your spouse before you do FHE.

Quote for the parents:

Bishop J. Richard Clarke said:

“To teach our children to work is a primary duty of parenthood. Our children have experienced unprecedented prosperity created by parents who have worked hard to provide what they themselves did not have as youngsters. If we are to save our children temporally and spiritually, we must train them to work.

They must learn by example that work is not drudgery, but a blessing……  As we  teach our children these values, let us emphasize the principle of a shared responsibility . Do not be confused by attempts to label some jobs as strictly male or strictly female. Generally speaking, each child should know how to do simple cooking, wash dishes, clean the house, mow the lawn, tend to the baby, and wash the car. These skills will do much to make their adult lives happier and more productive. “  ( Ensign may 1982, page 77)

Remind them that work can be fun, and that it is a great responsibility for them! They should be proud of their home and help to keep it nice! Make games up when cleaning, sing songs, turn the radio up loud…. and always work alongside your children.

Closing song: Love is Spoken Here  Childrens songbook page 190

Closing Prayer

Treat Smile

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