Monday, July 18, 2011

Guided Journaling For Parents Intro Post

I have been seeing some really neat journals out there , things like write your story for your kids. They are so neat. I am going to add as many as I can to the amazon store down at the bottom of the page… but I also wanted to open a category that I could add some themes and questions etc that I find so that you could just purchase a journal or decorate a notebook etc, and make your own. What a neat legacy for your children! Your story, where you grew up, what your favorite things to do as a child were, how you met that special someone, how you felt when you found out you were going to welcome a miracle into your family, favorite foods, things like that!

So, this is the intro post to this category, check back often and I will be adding to it, so that we can work on this together. Or if you’d like, I will be trying to add some of the actual book/journals you can purchase onto the amazon store.


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