Friday, July 1, 2011

Healthy and Quick Snack Ideas for Families

Here is a list of some of the quick, healthy snacks I keep around the house. I also organize them in categories, using cheap little tubs bought at the dollar tree. I have one in the fridge for things like yogurt tubes, cut up carrot and celery sticks etc. I also keep one in the pantry for breakfast items and one in the pantry for snack items. You get the idea. As soon as blogger lets me upload pics again, I will take a pic of our system we use, so that when I say to the kids, yes you may have a snack, they know what is ok and what is not. :) Enjoy the list! Comment if you have more ideas!
- Quick breads or muffins made with banana, zucchini, carrots etc
- English muffins topped with pizza sauce and shredded cheese
- Tortillas with refried beans and cheese
- Slice of american cheese
- Baby carrots ( watch for choking hazard on young children)
- Baked Potato
- Chocolate milk ( we adore soy and almond milk )
- Fruit smoothie- yogurt, milk, oj, frozen fruit blended
- Jello jigglers cut into shapes with cookie cutters
- Jello with fruit set into it
- Graham crackers with honey or yogurt for dipping
- Dry cereal like cheerios
- Sliced apples, pineapple, peaches , etc - ANY FRUIT!!!
- Yogurt tubes ( we actually like the yobaby organic yogurts, but yogurt tubes are quick and easy
- Scrambled eggs ( mix with salsa if they like that)
- Peanut butter toast
- Rice cakes ( all different flavors)
- Granola bars
- Small helping of macaroni and cheese ( we love the annies organic kind with white cheddar)
- Animal crackers
- English muffin with jelly or jam
- Goldfish crackers
- String cheese
- Broccoli with dip
- Bananas
- Corn bread
- Pretzels
- Cheese and crackers
- Biscuits with honey or jelly
- French toast sticks
- Chicken strips
- Applesauce ( they have all kinds of different kinds like pear sauce etc)
- Pigs in a blanket ( hot dogs and crescent rolls)
- Cottage cheese and peaches
- Toast and cheese
- Tortilla chips with salsa
- Tator tots
- Cinnamon Rolls
- Bread sticks and spaghetti sauce for dipping
Comment and give me your ideas for organizing snacks and other healthy quick snack choices :)

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