Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Reminder of all Things We Offer!!!!

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Just a quick reminder of all the things we are offering right now, and all the amazing things we hope to offer soon!

Right now we have the LDS Penpal Program :

We have prayer requests: and click on prayer requests or email me at

We have fun articles and ideas coming in daily!

We offer you the chance to guest post and get a link back to your blog! Contact me at :

Coming up soon!   Back to School Carnival with articles, ideas, and giveaways!

FHE Packets and family learning downloads and mail options

Our store will be growing with lots of new things!

The ideas never stop rolling in my brain, and I know Heavenly Father is behind it! Let’s work together to be the best LDS Parents we can be!!! :)

Love, JL

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