Monday, August 1, 2011

Things to Beat the Heat!!!!


Beat the Heat with these Yummy Root Beer Float Pudding Pops and Fruit Pudding Pops (both recipes are there on that page… just scroll down)

Make some Ice Cream in a Bag

Have some fun doing a little science with this Ice Breaker Experiment.

Make Tin Foil Dinners with these Yummy Recipes

Try this Watermelon Jello Bowl. Perfect for any party!

Quick Drying Pinata - Also great for Summer Parties

Make a Bird Feeder from plastic containers and hang them near a window to spy on nature!

Ice Cream Cake Variation – The super fast method and very yummy!

Make Your Own Chia Pet and add your own personal touch with creative face!

Yummy Fruit Smoothies sure to help you cool off and…. sshhhhh….it’s even healthy! Help get some greens in and no sugar added!


Go check out and Michelle the amazing author of this amazing fun site!!!!! Seriously, it has EVERYTHING!!!! Thanks Michelle for letting me steal this post! It was so fun I had to share it!!!!

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