Saturday, September 17, 2011

Whose side are you on?

President Ezra Taft Benson, Ensign Sept. 1988, p2
“ There has never been more expected of the faithful in such a short period of time than there is of us. Never before on the face of this earth have the forces of evil and the forces of good been so well organized.
Now is the great day of the Devils power. But now is also the great day of the Lord’s power….
Each day the forces of evil and the forces of good enlist new recruits. Each day we personally make many decisions showing the cause we support. The final outcome is certain- the forces of righteousness will win. But what remains to be seen is where each of us personally, now and in the future, will stand in this battle…… and how tall we will stand.
We will never have a better opportunity to be valiant in a more crucial cause than in the battle we face today… Christ .. is the most successful warrior that ever walked the earth, and He wants to help us win every battle.”  end quote
With that being said, and it is so incredibly touching and beautiful, who’s side will you be on? What will you teach your children to help them make the decisions daily that will help them be on the righteous side?
mother daughter jesus
We must work hard. We must not be lazy! We must make good decisions daily and help and teach our children to do the same! Who is with me??

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Ritsumei said...

I absolutely LOVE that picture of the prophets! Where did you find it?