Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Home Education Council of America SO COOL!!



This week at Home Education Council of America, we are announcing the Grand Opening of our all-new co-op classroom portal.  Remember, part of the freedom in home education is that you don't have to do it all.  You can seek the best outside resources to enhance your child's learning journey.


To read more about the grand opening and get a tour, check out the blog post at:


You have seen that we've already been offering some classes, to sort of test out the platform.  While the platform we were using didn't really meet our expectations, it did help us to understand what was needed.  The new platform is going to blow you away! 


Normally, courses are $97.00 and Plus Members get them for half off (just $48.50).  But this week only, to celebrate the grand opening, EVERYONE can register for classes and get the discount.  That offer will end on Saturday, so hurry and register. 


You don't have to be a Plus member to take advantage of this offer - but it is just for a limited time.  Imagine - just $48.50 for the best online Chemistry course you have ever seen - and YOU don't have to teach it!  Just sit back and enjoy the fun and the incredible academics in this course.  These classes are not pre-recorded downloads - they are taught LIVE so there's a lot of interaction and fun activities.  You won't find another homeschool platform like this one online.  And there's a complete money back guarantee - Visit the blog post I referenced above to read about it and get all the details of "how" these classes are delivered. 


There are currently 7 courses to choose from to kick off the winter schedule:


Chemistry - Matter

Astronomy - Rocks Around the Sun

KidBudget - money management for ages 8-12

Economics - money management for ages 12 and up

Spanish - for ages 9 and up - excellent course!

American Government - for ages 10 and up

Remedial Math - for students struggling with pre-algebra concepts


We are also considering and currently reviewing course materials for a college prep course (to prepare students to take the ACT and SAT); a creative writing course; a Shakespeare Made Easy course; and English.  If you have suggestions for courses, please let us know!


Oh, and thanks for all the great feedback on what kind of topics for the upcoming Super Summit.


Dianne McLean

HECOA Director


Note from JL—Dianne is amazing, she has pulled these courses together and found the greatest teachers, I am totally digging on the chemistry course…. hurry it starts next week! Give your kids the gift of an online fun class for the new year!!!!

Happy Parenting!

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