Monday, March 5, 2012

100th POST GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Wow, I’m really excited! This little dream I had last summer seems to be coming true! We hit our 100th post today! That’s something to celebrate! So I went searching for something to give away. I like doing giveaways! Just ask Emily…. she got her family fun night box last week…. it was pretty cool if I do say so myself!
So I love I love handmade things, I love how people use their talents. So I was searching for something that an LDS family would like, and after searching thru a bazillion things I found it. It’s perfect. The owner of this shop, Heather, well she’s amazing and talented. Her art is awesome. She’s pretty dang nice too. Winking smile
So without further ado…. we are pleased to announce that we will be giving away this!!!!
So cute huh!!!! TOTALLY FRAMEABLE !!!!
Here’s the rules amigos:
* Go to and tell me what your fave thing is she has… put it in the comments below :)
* Become a follower of the blog, put it in the comments below that you are or became a follower.
* Join our facebook group!!/groups/168800359856535/ if you are already a member, tell me! if not join and then tell me! lol, comment below!
* Tell me your favorite post on – we have 100 posts for you to choose from now!!!!! comment below!!
* Share this website with your friends… twitter, facebook, smoke signals… whatever :) leave a comment below!!
* that’s it. I could keep going but honestly, some of the things I’d ask you to do would just start getting weird. hehe. I love you all!!!! Happy Parenting! JL~
quick edit-- I forgot to tell you when this ends.... I'm gonna give you till friday folks!!! :) SO EXCITED!!!!!