Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Family Network’s March Challenge!!!


So, I go to one of my favorite blogs and see that they are doing a monthly challenge, and it looked like sooo much fun! So I emailed and said.. I want in!

This months challenge is explained to us by Brittany from  ( don’t you just love the name of her site! Makes me want to go play!! ) Here is what she has to say:

Oh I love family traditions! I how they distinguish your family from others and make you feel a special connection. I love the excitement when you know one is coming up and that even if it’s silly, you can’t help but get a little giddy about it. “Traditions are the center of family life; they are what makes a house a home…Family science researchers have described traditions as the “heart” of a family, an “anchor” in the family, and the “core” of family life.” (Lloyd D. Newell). Traditions provide a source of strength to families and help connect generations. They also create a sense of personal and family identity.

In March, my family has one of my all time favorite family traditions….The Green Family Dinner. On Saint Patrick’s Day my mom would always turn our whole dinner green and we loved it! We would have green noodles, green milk, green jello, and as weird as it sounds…green beef stroganoff. Some years she would do more of a breakfast with green eggs and ham, but green was always the theme. I will never forget those silly dinners and it is something that all of my siblings and I are passing on to our families.

My husband’s family has a tradition of more of an Irish dinner. His mom makes Corn Beef and Cabbage. Recently we decided to add a little bit of to our Irish theme! We are not drinkers in our family, but we decided to make Saint Patrick’s Day really exciting by adding Harry Potter’s Butter Beer to our tradition. You can find the recipe approved by J.K Rowling herself right here. Making it with our family was a blast and everybody had fun toasting and gulping down the sweet concoction.

This month, we want to challenge you

To Have Your own St. Patrick’s Day dinner!

Details: Any day of March will do and you pick the theme, but make it something your kids will remember and then come share how it went, want you did, what you ate….we want to here from you!

Share your ideas and your pictures of your fun family dinner with us by…

1. Commenting right here on our blog!

2. Jump on over to our Facebook Page and leave a comment, picture or a link for everyone to see!

3. Go over to and  link to them!!  You can also find LDS Parenting on facebook at!/groups/168800359856535/  We would love to have you!

Have a blast with the March Challenge and Happy Parenting! Love, JL~

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