Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Make Easter a Christ-Centered Holiday

There are so many amazing ideas and resources on the internet, in books, thru, we are so blessed to be able to have the tools to teach our children what Easter is all about. I am going to try and highlight some fun and spiritual ways to teach our children the meaning of Easter in the next few days, and also throw in some super fun activities that aren’t as spiritual, but are a good way of spending time with your kids!
Here are some simple ideas to get us started, on how to make Easter a Christ-centered holiday~
* When making Easter baskets, place an empty Easter egg in each basket to remind your family that the very best gift that we can be given is the gift of the empty tomb!
* When making Easter baskets, give religious gifts such as a new CTR ring, scripture marking pencils, a journal for scripture study, or maybe a bookmark with a significant scripture on it.
* Make your family a traditional meal from the time of Christ- fish and honeycomb ( or rolls with honey on them… since I know I wont be able to find honeycomb in Hannibal. )
* Use the Gospel Art Kit to tell your children the story of Easter and to teach them about the Atonement and how Christ died for us and then rose so we could Live Eternally!

* View this as a family :   

Happy Parenting! JL~

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