Saturday, September 1, 2012

Personalized Gifts for Children

Yikes! Christmas is coming up! My good friend Heather has come up with some great ideas for us parents!!! Please enjoy this guest post!! :) Happy Parenting! Love, JL

When it comes to gifts for children and you are looking for something unique, personalized gifts are a
wonderful idea. Children of all ages love gifts made just for them. They love having something truly
unique and special that nobody else has. Finding just that right gift to personalize can be easy once you
know where to look and the internet can help with that.

 One place to look is on a great website called where you can find adorable gifts for children. You can personalize all of the gifts
available on the website for any child in your life.
Using a favorite photo of your child to personalize a gift will put a smile on their face when they open it.
The website is easy to use, has instructions to walk you through each step, and has helpful tips for you.
You will be able to upload your photo, choose your personalized gifts, and pay for your order all online.
The website is safe and secure to use and you will have your order usually within 10 to 14 business days
and are able to track your order. There is also an option of sending a photo with a form in case you do not
have a digital photo you can use.

The best photos are headshots with good lighting. If there is clutter in the background, it is removed
so just the child's head is showing on the gifts. High-resolution photos are also the best option when
uploading a photo to use. The original photo is the best choice also. In no time at all you can create
beautiful and unique gifts for the children in your life.

Photo File Formats Accepted:
1. .JPG
2. .PNG
3. .BMP

Personalized Journals *
At a certain age children like to keep journals and personalized gifts of journals for them to keep their
thoughts in is a great idea. Children from ages six to 16 will be thrilled when they see their photo on the
front of their very own journal. The journals have 160 lined pages for then to fill with thoughts, ideas,
events in their lives, and anything else they want to write. You can choose from 13 adorable covers
including snowboarding and horse riding. By giving a journal to a child, you are encouraging them to
write and expand their writing skills.

A Few Journal Cover Choices:
1. Flitter Me Fairy
2. Rock Star
3. Damsel in Distress
4. Space Cadet
5. Ocean Steps

Personalized Water Bottles *
Going for a hike, taking a bike ride, heading out for a trip in the car are all wonderful opportunities for a
child to use their very own personalized water bottle. Your children will never be without water when you
give them personalized gifts for taking water along. Water bottle can be used anywhere, even at home.
Stainless steel and holding 20 ounces the BPA free water bottles are the perfect size for any outing. They
have a belt clip and screw on top. You can choose from one of eight cute characters for your child to be.

Water Bottle Characters
2. Fireman
3. Super Hero
4. Mermaid
5. Rock Star
6. Space Cadet
7. Princess
8. Moon Fairy

Personalized Wall Art *

When it comes time to decorate your child's room you can add some personalized wall art to make their
room truly their own. Imagine your child's happy face and excitement when they have personalized photo,
poster, or quality canvas for their wall. You can order photos in sizes of 8" X 10".
 Posters come in 16"
X 20" and 20" X 30". Canvas prints come in sizes of 12" X 12", 16" X 20", and 20" X 30".

wall art will work for a child of any age from baby to teen. These would also make wonderful gifts for a
new baby in a family. Parents would be thrilled to have wall art with their baby as the star.
If you choose a canvas, it is stretched over wooden frames that are heavy duty. The image will be
wrapped around all four sides of the canvas. High quality printing is used to make posters and they can be
mounted or tacked to the wall. Either way they will look great and add style to any room. You can choose
from one of 18 themes for your wall art.
Some Wall Art Options:
1. Butterfly Days with a baby in a stroller
2. Time for Bed with a baby in a bassinette
3. Princess with Dragon
4. Dino-mite Dinosaur
5. Funny Farm
6. Circus
7. Seahorse
8. Train

When you take time to make a special gift of the children in your life they will also feel special. Everyone
loves to feel special, important, and loved, especially children. Making personalized gifts for children in
your life is a good choice. Finding a character and project to create just for them is easy, fun, and quick.
The hours of happiness and joy they will get from their gift will be priceless. They will think of you each
time they see it or use it. They will also think of how much you care and how special they feel. It does not
take much to make children happy and feel special and a gift like this will do just that.

 By checking out and seeing how amazingly easy it is to make special gifts for loved ones is the first
step in making someone feel special. Following the simple and easy to use instructions will have your gift
ready to be created and shipped for your special child in no time. You will have a gift that will bring out
imagination in a child as they see themselves as a dancer or space cadet.

 Next time there is a birthday,
new baby, or any type of special occasion, think of creating a special gift for a child. Not only will they
love the special gift but also they will have a keepsake of the occasion.


Hassan Ashraf said...

What a nice idea. As a teacher I have never gotten such a thing and I know your child's teacher will be very touched. Teachers usually get most supplies needed or will buy them or have specific things in mind that may be hard to know.
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ali g hassan said...
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Johnson Brothers Ties said...

Great ideas! As a kid, my mom had us make all the gifts for each other. This year, for my grandson's birthday, I took him hiking and gave him the camera. Then we went to Wal-Mart and he picked out one of his pictures. I bought a frame, and he now has it hanging in his room.

I think I'll do that again, and have him give one to his parents as their present.

Jade Graham said...

Mom will grow her stash and it won't be a high-cost gift for any one person. baby shower gifts

Jaelle Kaylor said...

Exactly !!! Thanks for visiting ldsparenting!