Monday, November 5, 2012

November Family Challenge!!!!

The "Gift of Giving" Series

 It is easy to tell our children to share and as long as we are there to enforce it, they probably will.  But, how do we inspire a spirit of generosity?  How do we train up children who give to others, not because they are told to, but because they have a genuine desire to help people in need? This month I have partnered with the Family Network to bring you some insightful and exciting ways to develop a giving heart in your children.

Join us, as we "Give the Gift of Giving" to our families.

Give the Gift:  Give back to your community as a family.  Then leave a comment, add a photo to Facebook, or email me about it.  You can also link up any ideas on how to give back with your family, favorite charities you support, or how to develop giving hearts.  We will be featuring your posts throughout the holiday season!  So, make sure you follow us! This link up will be included in each post in the Series.
That means your posts will be featured for a whole month!

 Posts in this Series:
 Teach Compassion
Be an Elf
Elbow Grease
 A Timeless Gift

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