Sunday, December 2, 2012

May I Get a Little Personal???

I love to read others blogs... and I especially love it when they talk about their families. I'm fascinated in seeing how other families work, what they do for fun, what their family traditions are, watching the children grow, etc. So, may I get a little personal on this blog today? I'd like to post some pictures of my kiddos and how we have decorated for Christmas this year. :)

Here they are decorating the tree... you gotta have comfy clothes to decorate the tree! LOL

Our teeny tiny Nativity tree... it has tiny little nativity ornaments... they are hard to see, plus red ornaments that say Joy and Peace. It's so tiny!!!

The top of the entertainment center... I love all the brightly colored trees!! Plus don't forget Noel our little elf!!

The fiber optic tree on the dining room table... it is covered in wooden ornaments that my mother painted... she had a "shaker" tree that she had little wooden ornaments that she switched out for each holiday. It is a big memory of my childhood and I was really happy to get to use the little wooden ornaments from the Christmas one, to decorate in my household. When I look at the details on each wooden ornament, I think of my momma painting them!! This picture really doesn't show all the ornaments, but they are neat!!

Well, that's what we have so far!! We have been listening to Christmas music and decorating today.. and it's almost 70 degrees out! It's a little strange feeling!

Ok, how do you decorate for Christmas?? Share your links in the comments!!!
Happy Parenting and Merry Christmas!!! Love, JL~

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