Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Make a Spring Terrarium


A fun and easy spring activity for your family to do is to make an terrarium!

Making a terrarium helps kids to learn about ecosystems, the water cycle, even food chains and animal habitats, depending on how complicated you make your terrarium. I am going to include directions for making a simple terrarium. It would be super fun to look into making a more “fancy” terrarium!

Gather your supplies :

* You can use a mason jar, an old aquarium, or basically any glass jar

* Stones ( I think it would be fun to use aquarium stones that are colorful!)

* Soil

* Plants ( grab some plants at Walmart or Lowes- cheap!!

* Moss ( look around the shady areas of your yard…. you might be surprised how much you can find!

* Figurines ( cheap dollar tree figurines are great! )

Directions :

* Begin by placing a nice layer of stones on the bottom.

* Fill the terrarium container halfway with soil , on top of the rocks.

* Add your plants!

* Layer with more soil and add your moss and the figurines!

Ta-da! You have a cute terrarium and can teach your children more about our beautiful world!

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