Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Fun~ Summer Reading Ideas

One of my favorite things as a kid was the summer reading programs at our local library. I was a voracious reader ( still am! ) and the thought of just reading books, which I already did, and getting prizes was like heaven to me!! Now that I'm a momma, my kids are also voracious readers and we have been doing the summer reading programs at the library since they were just barely old enough! This year instead of our local library, we bought a membership to a library in the city 20 minutes away and we are BLOWN AWAY at how cool their reading program is! So, for summer fun, I encourage you to check out your local library with your kids! In this post I'm going to also give you some resources for online summer reading programs and also fun ways to encourage your kids to read this summer! I love the thought of kids hiding in a tent outside with a flashlight reading a book!

The first link I'm going to share is from a neat blog, and she has organized all of the online summer reading programs into one neat little post, it is invaluable!!


Another great idea is to use reading book lists for ages... it gives you a great start to choosing some fun books that the kids will love, and maybe, you too! It's fun to read to your kids, even when they're old enough to read themselves!

Here is a great source for book lists for all ages!


Another idea, make a reading nook in the house. It can be as simple as a special chair in a corner out of the way with a pillow in the chair and a big basket of books. It can be elaborate like turning a closet into a little library. Or you can drape a blanket over a table and make a little fort and put pillows on the floor and lots of books. Take books outside to read! Read under a tree, or on the trampoline, or while swinging!

Whatever you do~ ENJOY it!!!! Happy Parenting! Love, JL~

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