Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Christmas FHE ~ Symbols of Christmas


     This year our family is celebrating Christmas the entire month of December ! We kicked off our celebration last night with THIS FHE on the tradition of giving gifts at Christmas time. It was great. 

Today we used a lesson from A Year of FHE and once again I am amazed at the lesson! This woman is so talented ! We use the blog a lot when we do FHE and I was just so excited to find this lesson because I think it compliments last nights lesson really well. 

The lesson is on the symbols of Christmas. You can find it HERE. It has a free printable of pictures of the different symbols with corresponding Scriptures. As always , it includes an opening and closing song, an activity ( a cute one!! ) and treat ideas. For free ! It's so cool! 

                                                       check it out HERE for the free printable! 

Also, I'm going to admit it here lol.... I didn't know that the colors Red, Green, and White had an actual symbolic meaning behind them! I just thought they kind of matched Christmas trees and all that ;) Hey, you learn something every day ! 

I will be trying to make sure and post the different lessons and activities we will be doing as a family this month. What are some traditions and activities that you do with your families at Christmas Time ? Comment below ! 

Happy Parenting! Love, JL~ 

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