Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy Halloween !


I will admit, Halloween is NOT my favorite holiday. I'm not big into scary things and I just don't like it much. But my kids love it. This past week they have had lots of fun - see post HERE but their very favorite thing to do is trick or treat with their daddy. My husband loves halloween. Like LOVES it. He gets excited every year to take the kids " real" trick or treating. Not trunk or treats. Not fall parties. But REAL trick or treating. Door to door. Ringing doorbells and saying trick or treat. Driving for hours and stopping and parking and then walking and walking. They all get a kick out of it. I stay home and snuggle in my blankets and watch a movie. Not a scary movie. Just a regular movie haha. For the first ten years I trooped along with them taking far to many pictures and reminding them to say thank you at each house. When I got sick five years ago and had the awful spinal cord injury etc it became quickly clear that my halloween "real" trick or treating days were over. I was ok with that ! I still get a bit sad because honestly, I think every mom or dad would be sad at missing out on something fun with their kids, but I actually have come to enjoy my snuggle movie time alone and when they come home with backpacks full of candy and happy faces and tummy aches because they snuck to much candy on the ride home - I'm right there to hear every single funny thing, marvel at their candy haul and pass out pepto pills !! 

My youngest, Sydney, their on the left, had two costumes. She loves halloween just like her daddy. For her grandparents party and for the church trunk or treat she was Katniss from Hunger Games. For real trick or treating lol, she was Tyler Joseph from her favorite band, Twenty One Pilots. Marlee was a pretty vampire and Dylan was a deflated pumpkin. :) They had a blast. It's something special they do with their daddy that they all look forward too each year. 

What did you do for Halloween ? Let me know in the comments ! 
Happy Parenting ! Love, JL~ 

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