Thursday, May 4, 2017

Once There Was a Mom ~ Book Review and GIVEAWAY !


Dear readers, I am about to tell you something you may not know.......
Being a mom is HARD !!!! 
Yep, bet you didn't know that !

But it is so worth it ! Deseret Book has done it again ! I just can't get over how great their books are ! For Mother's Day 2017 they have released this book by the amazing Emily Watts. Not only does the book talk about all the sweet and wonderful things about being a mom.... it also talks about the hardships. And the guilt. But in the end.... it is always so worth it ! 

Emily Watts is a frequent Time Out for Women speaker and the author of other great books, a lot of them on mothering. She knows what she's talking about ! The book is precious and the illustrations are fantastic. 

As soon as it came in the mail , I sat down with my two daughters who are 14 and 12. I read them the book and we all said " AWE " so many times ! They are little mothers at heart already and they can't wait to one day have this honor. It was fun to sit down and share this with them. I have it sitting on top of  my entertainment center now, ready to celebrate Mother's around the world on May 14th ! 

Don't you just love this quote from the book ? It's so true ! Our children are definitely the stars in our skies. They are our everything and this book shows that ! It's incredibly loving, yet so real !

What mother hasn't wondered this ? I know that I worry about this constantly. Being a mom with a chronic disease isn't easy. Being a mom who is perfectly healthy isn't easy ! We all tend to beat ourselves up ~ Are we doing enough ?

That is one reason I love this book so much. After this quote.... Sister Watts tells us why it is enough. Why every little thing we do for our kids and every little prayer we utter for them, is enough.

Every mother needs this book. It is a beautiful reminder of how hard and how amazing motherhood truly is.

Here is a little snippet from a  great talk that  Sister Watts  gave at Time Out for Women , and it gives you a little idea of how great she is :

I pray that each one of you precious mothers out there has a beautiful Mother's Day this year and every year. I pray that you give yourself a break, and know that you are doing your best and that is enough. I hope that you will consider getting this sweet book and sharing it with others.

You can purchase it here : DESERET BOOK
Happy Mother's Day !
Love, JL~

For a chance to win a copy ~ Enter here !!! Good Luck ! Happy Parenting !

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Deb said...

Best Mother's Day gift - going to the temple with my husband and all of my children!

Jaelle Kaylor said...

That sounds amazing !!!

Heather Marocco said...

Spending time with family

Stephanie Grant said...

The best gift I could ever receive would be to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my son knows how unconditionally I love him and how much he has changed my whole world.

lkw1974 said...

The best give I can give is to tell people about Jesus..

tamra64 said...

Best gift would be to see my Mom who lives far away from us and let her know how much I appreciate her