Friday, July 28, 2017

Video Interview with BhiveTV ~ #1 Mormon Youtubers in Europe!

I am so excited !!!! We are big YouTube people in our family ~ we LOVE to watch YouTube and one of our new favorites is BhiveTV ~ they are this incredible, fun LDS family who live in Vienna, Austria and they vlog about their lives. It's a fun channel and you know it's safe for your kiddo's to watch !

They have a neat Instagram account ~ HERE and I was checking it out one day and left them a comment.... and in that comment I also added ~ hey if you ever want to do an interview for my blog let me know !  Well, guess what ...........

They were kind enough to let me interview them. Normally I just send a list of interview questions thru email and the people will just email me back with the answers, then I create the blog post. Well, this family is way fun ~ since they are vloggers... they sent in a video interview !!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

Enjoy !!!!

 Meet the awesome family behind BhiveTv on YouTube. You have mom and dad ~ Andrew and Eliza ( pronounced a-lee-za ) and their four cutie pie, crazy fun kiddos ~ Noah, Emma, Liam, and Finn.

Learn about Andrew ~ HERE
Learn bout Eliza ~ HERE

Now let's talk about those cute kiddos !!!!! 

Learn more about Noah ~ HERE

Learn more about Emma ~ HERE

Learn more about Liam ~ HERE

Learn more about Finn ~ HERE

I love how they keep their Family Home Evenings light and fun so that their kids love to have FHE. That is something that we also tried to do when our kids were that age. They talked about the sign they have that the kids enjoy moving the little tags.... guess what, they are fantastic so they really did take a pic of it and send it !

One of the things that I was most interested in was how they naturally just lived their religion in the vlogs. They are right ~ it's just our lives. We are just LDS and that comes across naturally in our everyday lives and it's something we shouldn't hide. It is good missionary work and I am excited for them as they continue to vlog and just be good examples and continue to answer questions about the Gospel. :)

I also enjoyed how they talked about their parenting style. I love that about my blog ~ I get to highlight and interview all different kinds of parents. We all do things our own way and the way that is best for our children. For Andrew and Eliza that is always learning. Andrew states,

" It is a collaborative effort as a family. We learn from them as much as they learn from us. "

One of my favorite quotes from the interview was from Eliza ~

Then they had a little laugh about how that was one of the commercials that used to be on for the LDS church ~ Isn't it about time ? Well I decided to go look up those fun commercials... and post it because.. hey it's fun!

Isn't it about time ??? ~ LDS COMMERCIAL


Something that Andrew mentioned really struck home with me. He talked about how our children are on loan from Heavenly Father...

This family is amazing. We love to watch their vlogs and we hope that you will go and enjoy them with your family! Because no matter what... we can all agree with Andrew and Eliza ~ Family is the most important thing !!

Here are links to their social media pages and their website !!! Go check them out !

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