Friday, July 22, 2011

Character Trait : Responsibility


Responsibility: Being accountable in word and deed. Having a sense of duty to fulfill tasks with reliability, dependability, and commitment.

Responsibility is a very important thing that we need to teach our children. They need to be responsible for many things in their life. When they are baptized, they become responsible for their choices. As younger children they can be responsible for the things that their parents give them. It is a good thing to teach children that their toys and rooms and the home they live in are things that they are blessed with and that we all share in the responsibility of caring for these things. Over at they have some really cute chore charts etc. The most important thing about this though, is we must remember to teach our children that we ALL have responsibilities in our family. Each person has their own role and place. By being responsible for your things, you are helping to make your home a haven and also becoming the person that your Father in Heaven wants you to be.

Some cute stories on responsibility can be found at :

They have posters and cute stories etc, about all kinds of character traits. It’s a neat resource. 

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