Friday, July 22, 2011

Nature Journals for Kids


nature journal

This year we are leaning more towards a Charlotte Mason Method, and we have decided to make nature journals for the spring and summer. :)
Here are some ideas to get your family started!!!
The National Wildlife Federation has the neatest things for families to do! Backyard Habitat Certification ( we are sooo going for that this year!!!), Nature watches that you can put online so everyone can see, activities to get outside and get green!
Plus it is a great resource for learning about all the things you will be seeing in nature!
This is the neatest website! This person has a very small backyard, but it is FULL of wildlife!! They also teach you how to make nature journals! The pictures are amazing!!!
This is a beautiful site dedicated to the Charlotte Mason Method, and it has so many neat ideas for making your own nature journals, etc!!! Beautiful!!
Really neat live streaming cameras and more!!!
Lots of ways to help your kids explore nature and really great deals on planting more trees in your area!!!!!
This site has a really neat toolkit for parents to use for helping their kids connect with nature!
Really neat website about nature journaling for kids :)
Defenders of Wildlife website.. i just thought this one looked neat :)

Would love to hear some of your ideas!!!! We put up fresh birdfeeders and suet this past week and we are ready to get everything else going and get our journals made!!!! Dont forget to buy crayons, watercolors, pencils and more!! :)

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