Friday, July 22, 2011

A Story of Thanksgiving


mother praying

It was nearing bedtime. The momma wearily walked down the hallway, ready for scripture study, prayers and bedtime for the kids. It had been a busy day, with
serving the family, trying to make the home a haven, doing fun activities with the kids and trying to keep them calm from gorging on to much halloween treats!

They had been fed a warm, healthy meal, they had cuddled and had storytime. They were ready to lay down in warm beds with fresh clean sheets. All was right. Until
the one they call Big D stated, " I want dessert." The momma couldnt believe her ears. "you just had a ton of candy, a special sucker you made, and a big dinner!
we dont have dessert after every meal, its not healthy!" Well that was not the answer Big D wanted to hear. Soon Little M and Little S also started in. "please
momma, if you give us our dessert of ice cream, we will be so nice and go to bed."

The momma was tired. The momma was upset that her children would even act
like this. Then came the words that broke her heart. " You are being a mean momma by not feeding your kids!!!!"

Well, the momma snapped. Not in the way
you would think. Some mommas would yell, some mommas would spank, some mommas would run away, but this tired, weary momma turned and walked into her
daughters beautiful room. She kneeled down beside her daughters beautiful my little pony bedspread that she had just received for her birthday. She looked
quietly at the picture of a momma and her daughter kneeling together with Christ looking on , the one that sits by her daughters bed. She thought carefully,
then ignoring her little ducklings ( for of course they followed her wherever she went) she began to pray. " Dear Father in Heaven, I want to take a minute
and tell you how thankful I am for everything I have. Im thankful for this home, my kids, my husband, Im thankful for the lovely dinner we had, Im thankful for
heat and clean air. "

As the momma went on and on, pretty soon her children started to kneel down beside her, one by one, and chime in with the things they
were thankful for. Big D was thankful for Clifford and all his transformers. Little M was thankful for her care bears. Little S was thankful for the family
dogs. Soon the room became filled with a sweet spirit. The spirit of thanksgiving.

You see, sometimes we dont always get what we want. It could be something
as small as dessert, or something as big as a loved ones life being spared, but we all have something to be thankful for. Even when you dont think you can
possibly go on anymore, you have at least something you can be thankful for. You are alive.

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