Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Princess and her Hair


syd birthday guitar

Sydney and her hair, pre- princess style

My seven year old Sydney has a full mop of curls. They are tangly curls, and she is stubborn. So she decided not to even brush or fix her hair. Her mommy of course said you have to have your hair fixed! She refused. So everywhere throughout the land we heard things like “ what kind of mom are you?” , “don’t you even brush her hair??”

I smiled, and said, she likes her hair that way. Hmmph. So while cruising though MMB, I found a whole category on hair. Then I found it.    (cue the angels singing!!!!)


So, I called Sydney and said to her, look at how pretty this is! Sydney fell for it hook, line, and sinker. So now, every morning we visit the site, and Syd gets to choose what hairstyle she wants that day. Only small problem, I am awful at fixing hair so it never looks quite right. But, for any other momma’s who have little princesses, go check out this site, because the woman who runs it is amazingly talented!

criss cross cornrows    LOOK AT THIS!! SHE IS AMAZINGLY TALENTED!!!!! Go check her out!!

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