Monday, August 29, 2011

The Back to School Carnival is… BACK ON!!!!

summer 2011 001

So the Kaylor Family is feeling alright again! In fact we started our official first day of school today! We have decided to go “virtual” with record keeping this year, so if you are interested in what we as a family do for school, you can check out  that just shows what we do for school each day. I really really need to update our family blog but time is crazy right now!

Without further ado… let’s get back to the carnival! The blog hop was pretty great to me, considering we’ve only been online for a couple months! I LOVE my guest bloggers and from what I’ve heard, you guys love them too!! I have a couple more articles on Back to School then we will get back into the awesome parenting stuff we do here at LDS Parenting! ENJOY!!! ( oh and leave us some comments! we want to know what you think!)

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