Monday, August 29, 2011

Memorization Rings

memorization rings

You can make these as simple or unique and intricate as you want. There are a few different ways you can do this too! You can use the 1.00 photo albums at walmart etc, or you can use index cards and use the rings to bind them. Now, to tell you what you can use it for!!!

Seminary Scriptures, Multiplication Tables, Books in the scriptures ( Genesis, Exodus, etc), Song lyrics for primary, Anything that has to do with anything!!! I love these things! You can take them in the car, etc. I started using them when my kids were little bitty, and I printed out little pictures and we did little quotes from primary songs, etc and we also had one for little things like : brush teeth, make bed, fold pajamas, etc. Just a fun little activity. If your kiddo has a spelling test coming up, make one for the spelling words! Just buy index cards! You can turn index cards into basically anything! Recipe cards, flashcards, etc. Have fun! Don’t forget to encourage your kids to take them with them on car rides etc , it gives them extra time to memorize what they need to know!

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