Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Teaching Your Children About Geneology



We know in our religion that geneology is important! But how do you get your children excited about it? We decided to make it a year long school project. I told my kids we were getting ready to do some detective work! Of course they got excited! Detective work and spying are things my kids are really in to lol! So we went easy at first. We drew up a chart for our little family. That was easy. Then I told the kids that we were going to expand the chart and make it HUGE!! We were going to work all school year long and try to get as many names as possible in our family! I also made sure to express how important it was that they were OURS!! My kids know that when they turn twelve they may enter into the temple if they are worthy and do baptisms for the dead. So, this was also something that got them excited.

We went ahead and signed up for a free trial with an online geneology site that a good friend recommended, and so far it has been so fun! When you enter a name in, sometimes a little leaf will pop up, and the kids get really excited when they see the leaf waving, because that means there are some keys or hints that might help us in our search! It also put everything in a nice, organized pedigree chart for us. How do you teach your children about geneology? So far on my mothers  fathers side we are back to 1770! That’s exciting!  Give me some ideas! Share with your fellow LDS Parents how you make geneology fun and important in your child’s lives!

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Anderson Family said...

My cousin has a photo family tree in her daughter's room. We're working on one for our girls. They are so excited to SEE their family. I've also (just in this last Friend) seen an idea for an FHE game with facts about their ancestors and putting it on their family tree.