Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day!



So what do you guys do for Labor Day? Our family decided to camp out in the front yard! Then we found out it was going to be like 40 degrees!! So we came in, but had smore’s and Ohio’s best Amish-made trail bologna and swiss cheese!! ( I grew up in Ohio next to Holmes County which is one of the biggest group of Amish people! I loved it! I love teaching and sharing about it with my children and teaching them a little Pennsylvania Dutch :) So my cousins came from Ohio, and they brought us a bunch of Amish goodies, and so we ate our dinner, ate our smore’s, read a little bit in our big tents, then started shivering and wimped out! The kids are inside in their cozy beds and me and Keith are going to stay out on the porch and chit chat a bit longer then head to bed. Tomorrow we are hoping to go to Nauvoo. We live an hour away. We are soooo lucky! I will take a lot of pictures if we go and post them here. I don’t really have a specific Labor Day theme for this blog, but I will say this…… If you have the day off- spend it with your kids!

Love, JL

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