Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Making the Scriptures COME ALIVE!!!!


scriptures 2


While doing scripture study with my children yesterday they really started asking some important questions, ones that I knew I needed to study up on before I answered! Talk about shock! Defintely made me want to “feast upon my scriptures” more! I’ve always been big into reading my scriptures daily. Now I try to make sure that my kids even though they are still young, in some people’s eyes, read at least two verses or more a night, so that they can establish a good habit. Now, how can I make those precious scriptures really come alive for them?? I have found some amazing resources online from some of my favorite sites, and I need your help! Let me know what you guys do! I can’t wait to get started! As Elder Robert D. Hales states “ Read the scriptures together . I remember my own mother and father reading the scriptures as we children sat on the floor and listened. sometimes they would ask, ‘ What does that scripture mean to you?’ or ‘ How does it make you feel?’ Then they would listen to us as we responded in our own words. “   


Ok, here is some of the things I’ve found…. I love these sites!! You should visit them often!

This article has sooo many great ideas! Lots of bright pictures too! Love that site!

This site I really like, especially since they asked me to be an author, hehe, so watch for my posts on the fourth thursdays of each month lol. Anyway, great ideas for scripture study!!

Of course I can’t leave out my personal go-to for anything gospel related – sugardoodle!

Tell me what you guys do!!!! I’m excited to hear!

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